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Dec 18

Health Benefits of Going Green


We all want to live healthier lives. Most of us know the benefits of being eco-friendly. Some may not know that ‘going green’ can and will make you and your family healthier as well. Below we look into many of the ways that all us can make the planet healthier while doing the same for …

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Oct 29

Infographic: How to Naturally Fight Severe Headaches

Nothing derails your day quicker than a headache or migraine. But once a headache or migraine begins, there may be natural ways to lessen its effects. Here’s everything you need to know about managing it naturally. A migraine is a vascular headache that occurs when blood vessels on the surface of the brain are irritated …

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Oct 21

Infographic: Why Gardening is Good For You


This infographic will show how gardening is good for you. Gardening can help you to be healthier in many ways. It will help you to have a better diet, control your weight, manage stress and improve brain health. Gardening will also help your home’s value. Learn all about the benefits of gardening.  Why Gardening Is …

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Oct 08

The Benefits of Swimming Among the Physically Challenged

Swimming is a great low-impact workout that everyone can do. Although swimmers will not feel sweaty and tired while in the water, their muscles get the resistance required of workouts since they cannot move easily while in the pool or beach. In addition, since people can float on water, working out on water is definitely …

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Aug 20

Watch Your Dental Braces Disappear Before Your Very Eyes. Just Like Magic!

Alright, perhaps not so magically, but you can have braces that are not really there. What do I mean? There is a way to get your teeth straightened without having to go through the discomfort (physical and otherwise) that accompany the traditional braces. Now, we can all identify with the embarrassment and discomfort of having …

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Aug 18

Ways2GoHealthy’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Like many others around the world I have been challenged for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I have accepted the challenge and the video is below. I have poured ice water over my head as well as donated to ALS. I challenge anyone else who reads this to also take the challenge of either pouring ice …

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Jul 16

8 Ways to Improve Your Oral Health


One of the first things people notice about you is your smile speaks and it speaks volumes without saying a word. Your personality, sense of humor, and even your attitude toward life can all be gauged from your grin. A nice smile is also a sign of good health, and good health is instantly attractive. …

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Jun 17

Blood pressure – high, low, what’s good and what’s bad


Blood pressure is one of those things that pretty much every one of us has to be concerned about at one point or another during our lives. Especially as we get older we must keep a watchful eye on our blood pressure – and of course the blood pressure of our loved ones are they …

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