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Apr 08

Wisdom as a Caregiver

In the past year I have found myself in the position of being a caregiver to my mom. I have never been a nurse or in any kind of care giving position before so it was all new to me. She is in her late seventies and had to have triple bypass surgery along with …

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Mar 27

Product Review: Brooks Ravenna 5 Running Shoes


I’m now a big fan of Brooks running shoes. My first pair of Brooks was the Ravenna 4 which I wore for most of 2013. You can see my review of the Brooks Ravenna 4 here. My first running shoes was the New Balance 1080 V2 running shoes. These shoes were fine, but they didn’t seem to help my slight …

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Mar 13

Quick Guide to Get Toned


Everybody goes for workouts hoping to get that perfect stunning body that is termed attractive to the opposite sex. There is a lot of misconception in having a toned body as some describe it as having curvy muscles or being slim or better yet, being good to look at with well-shaped abs and whatever that …

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Mar 12

Cinnamon and Nutmeg Quinoa for Breakfast


If you are anything like I am then you do not have a lot of time to eat breakfast in the mornings. I used to heat up a bowl of instant oatmeal or even grab an oats and honey granola bar on my way out the door. However now I can make my morning tasty, …

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Feb 27

The Most Common Painkillers: What You Need To Know


The way that painkillers actually work can sound a little unsettling. Your nerves are sending pain signals to your brain as an indicator of the problem, and the analgesic elements of a painkilling drug actually blocks these signals, or it changes the way that your brain recognizes these signals. It’s almost as though the computer …

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Feb 25

7 Natural Sleep Remedies For College Students


A typical college student’s life is characterized by several unhealthy practices: all-nighters, instant food, and weekly partying. From these, lack of sleep is perhaps the most common concern of many students. If you lack sleep both in quantity and quality, you have to do something about it. But, before you consider medication, employ the help …

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Feb 20

How to Come Up with Less Expensive Diet Meal Plans


A lot of people fall in and out of getting fit because they haven’t found the right diet. If you’re experiencing the same dilemma, you don’t have to feel that all hope is lost. So if you’re looking for a diet plan that’s cost-free, healthy, easy, and delicious—Paleo diet is the answer to your problems. …

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Jan 27

Lose Your Body Fat and Build Muscle Using the Ryan Reynolds Diet


· Ryan Reynolds’ diet habit Assuming that you suspected that Ryan Reynolds was fit as a fiddle in Blade Trinity, you need to hold your patience and meet him as a dead healthy man. One can get all the parts required to adding at least 20 pounds muscle to his physique while losing about 3% muscle …

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