60th Birthday Gift Ideas

For the lady or man in your life who is turning 60 this year, you’ll have to do a little thinking to find the right present. After all, he or she probably has everything already. You’ve probably given every nice gift you can think of by now. What would make a really special 60th milestone birthday present?

Think Practical

Many times, by the age of 60, a person has raised his or her children and is looking to downsize. Don’t clutter up their home with a trinket when you could gift them with an experience.

Take them for a helicopter ride over the city or send them on a train trip across country. Depending on your budget, you can even give them a trip that includes the rest of the family.

You might all go on a celebratory cruise and pay for mom or dad’s way as her/his gift. You might offer to pay for plane tickets to Hawaii or some other magical destination. The idea of the destination gift is that it’s an experience they’ll remember forever.

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Think Big

So your family member has all the candleholders and mugs she can use? How about thinking way outside the traditional gift box? Give her a gift certificate for a class she has always wanted to take at an art studio or for golf lessons at the country club.

Send her off for ballet lessons or treat him to flying lessons with a pro pilot. There are so many things people talk about doing but never get around to. If your recipient is blessed with good health, get him or her out there doing one of the things on their wish list.

Think Amazing

If you want to really make a memorable impression with your 60th gift, go in with siblings or coworkers to gift your friend or family member with one amazing gift.

It could be a diamond tennis bracelet, a gold and diamond watch, a pendant in colored diamonds or an eel skin wallet. Choose something that is too extravagant for the recipient to buy for him or herself. You will find that this will delight them more than anything.

The surprise factor of getting one really awesome gift is wonderful. And it means so much more than a few little gifts would.

You’re going to really have to think about your recipient if you want this birthday to be spectacular. Maybe your gift is a party complete with 60th birthday tableware, party favors and decorations on board a dinner cruise ship or a private charter boat you rent for the day.

Maybe you gather all the friends together for a cooking lesson with a local, famous chef. The sky’s the limit when it comes to a milestone birthday like this.

60th Birthday
60th Birthday Gift Ideas

Think Food

A gift of gourmet food or a wine of the month club is always nice. You have a world of choices from elegantly dipped gourmet caramel apples to prime aged steak sent via dry ice. You can send a gourmet chocolate cheesecake or lobster tails, too.

 If the recipient has a good sense of humor, consider sending or making an over the hill birthday basket filled with all kinds of little gag gifts and funny foods like prune juice and candy pills.

Consider the person’s lifestyle. Don’t gift a person with mobility issues with karate lessons. And don’t give a very active person knitting lessons. You know your recipient best. In order to make your gift really endearing and long-remembered, spend some time thinking.

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