5 Easy Home Exercises for Beginners

5 Easy Home Exercises for Beginners

The pandemic has made us all confined to our homes, and this means that all the tasks we wish to perform must be performed at our places. This includes exercise as well. So, whether you are willing to start working out at home for getting the body that you can flaunt after the quarantine period is over, or you are considering maintaining your health to improve immunity to the virus, in any case, you must begin performing home exercise. In case you are a beginner and do not know where exactly you should be starting, this article is going to help you provide five home exercises that you can perform every day.

#1: Bridge

As the name suggests, the position of this exercise is in the form of a bridge. You simply have to lay down on your back and fold your legs to allow your feet to touch the floor. Extend your arms on your sides and let your palms touch the mat. As you push through your feet and use your core, you have to raise your bottom-up and stay for a breath. At this point, try to keep your hips as high as you can while you squeeze your glutes. Gently lay down on your back and repeat. This will not only help in strengthening your core but also your back.

#2: Chair Squats

If you have heard of a squat and even tried to do it, as a beginner, there is a possibility that you would have bent a little more than required or bent your back while going down. Therefore, chair squats are the best for home exercises. . First, you keep a chair and stand ahead of it in the position you would be before sitting on it. Keep your feet apart equal to the width of your shoulders as your toes tilt a little out. Extend your arms in front and bend down through your knees as you hinge your hips. Go down until you touch the chair. Come back up and repeat the same.

#3: Knee Push-up

Since push-ups can be difficult as a beginner, you can simply come in the position of a push-up and bend your knees to touch the floor. These push-ups are easier and will be helpful as a part of home exercises.

#4: Forearm Plank

In order to work your full body in an exercise, a forearm plank is the best. All you need to do is to be in a position of a plank, except this time you have to use your hands to elbows for keeping yourself up.

#5: Plank with lifting legs alternately

This is one of the home exercises that is pretty much fun since it makes you unstable and thus, challenges you to be even better. All you need to do is lift your legs alternately in the position of a plank. This will also make your core work harder. You may keep one leg in the air for about 5 seconds in the beginning before switching to another one.

It is very important to adopt a healthy lifestyle and stay fit!


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