5 reasons to stop consuming diet coke if you need to stay healthy

5 reasons to stop consuming diet coke if you need to stay healthy

Coke is one of the most famous fizzy drinks in the world which people love. Its fellow product diet coke is also liked by a majority. Diet coke is considered healthier in comparison to a regular tin of coke. This is a famous myth and people are not aware of reality. In reality, diet sodas are not healthier for your body. 

People quit regular soft drinks, but they turn towards the diet cokes and similar. This is because diet cokes are mostly advertised as zero calories and sugar drinks. Do you think that the coke diet is the right choice? Isn’t it harmful? Is it okay? Is diet coke good for youUnfortunately, NO!

A Diet Coke or diet soda is not a healthier choice. However, it has no sugar doesn’t mean that it is beneficial. It has no sugars, but other ingredients may be harmful. So diet soda is certainly a bad option for your well-being.

Here are 5 shocking reasons why you should not have diet coke: 

  • It makes you gain all those extra pounds

People mostly think that diet coke or zero-calorie soft drinks will not make them gain weight. This is a myth, don’t believe these words. Research conducted at Texas University suggests that the belly fat of people consuming the diet coke was more than that of the people not consuming diet coke. So this proves that diet coke makes people gain weight. 

  • More risk of a myocardial infarction

Several works of research proved that having diet coke regularly is risky for the heart and can cause MI or heart attacks and strokes. This study includes research that was carried on for 10 years on two thousand people. Diet sodas can also cause breakouts and interfere with your gut health. 

  •  Aspartame, the artificial sweeteners are the biggest culprits!

As we know, diet cokes are sugar-free, but to sweeten the drink, artificial sweeteners like Aspartame are added. It is proved to be linked with around a hundred different side effects which have chronic lethargy, headache, and a depressive mind state. 

  • Diet coke contains cancer-causing substances

Coke and diet coke contain caramelized substances and food coloring. However, the main color of the beverage does not come from the caramel, but is created with subjecting ammonia and sulfites to a very high temperature. When these two chemical compounds are heated, carcinogens are formed. Researches and tests on organisms like mice, rats, etc. proved that high dose of these chemicals can cause cancer of the thyroid, liver, and lungs.

  • The diet soda brittles your bones

Research conducted at Tufts University shows that any kind of soda can worsen your osteoporosis. This research reveals that the density of bone among female consumers of diet soda is 4% less than people drinking healthier beverages and drinks. 

In some diet sodas, cocaine is added which leaves your stomach after 1 to 4 days. This can be seriously harmful.

Therefore, it is advised to consume fresh fruit beverages and other healthier drinks instead of cokes and diet cokes for the sake of your health. Many researches prove that if you will stop drinking diet cokes and sodas, you may lose weight and can feel visible changes in your metabolism. Your body will have a positive change. 

 You can try these sodas as an alternative to diet cokes and similar soft drinks:

  • Sparkling water 
  • Flavored sparkling water 
  • Sparkling water infusions
  • Freshly squeezed lemonade 
  • Coconut water

To conclude, coke is seriously dangerous for your body. Diet Coke or coke affects kidneys, heart and liver. High intakes of coke might also block your arteries and affect your stomach badly. As it is high in sugars, it may seriously disturb your body’s sugar level. 

The above reasons make it clear why you should stop drinking diet coke in order to stay healthier. Drinking the diet coke affects your body to an alarming extent, requiring you to switch to healthier soft drinks as soon as possible. 

Your health is your wealth. Be cautious.

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