5 Secrets Every Dentist Should Know to Attract Patients Who Stay and Refer

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Launching a career as a dentist can be a challenge, especially with the current competition. You need to make sure that you stand out among the plethora of dentists practicing in your area. It can be challenging to go up against experienced dentists with loyal patients who visit them all the time. But you can still make your presence felt by everyone living near your clinic by using the right strategies conceptualized by reputable dental marketing companies. These tried and tested marketing strategies can help you attract regular patients who will also refer you to their family and friends.

Here are several marketing ideas from expert dental marketing companies that you can use to invite more clients for your clinic.

Find Out Who Your Target Market Is

Before contacting dental marketing companies to help you promote your clinic, you need to decide on the type of people you want to see in your dental chair. Do you want to treat every member of a family to gain loyal patients? Or you want to attract high-paying patients by providing luxury services? You must come up with the answer to these questions before beginning your practice so you can develop a solid dental marketing plan right from the start.

Make Your Presence Stand Out

Attracting patients can become easier if you know how to be distinct. To help you achieve this, you must know how the other dental practices operate so you can plan what to do to be one step ahead of your competition. You can do this by coming up with your unique selling proposition (USP).

Some of the most common USP used by dentists include “luxury dentistry.” Others use their specializations to attract patients needing a particular service like dental implants, dentures, Invisalign, or oral sleep appliances. You may also want to run your clinic after hours to accommodate workers who are only available after stepping out of the office.

Come Up With A Strong Offer

If you manage to come up with a firm offer, plenty of people will notice your business. It would result in driving more patients to visit your clinic. You can provide suggestions that could help your target patients save some money.

Several examples of compelling offers include discount packages for groups or families booking an appointment for a particular service, special opening discounts, or free dental cleaning for every service availed by the patient. You may also come up with a rewards card system where they can unlock a free service after reaching a certain number of visits to your clinic.

Develop A Solid Online Reputation

Since more patients rely on the Internet to find dentists nowadays, you can use this to your advantage. You can ask your dental marketing team to help you come up with an interactive website that your potential clients would love to check out. You must also ask them to optimize your website through organic search engine optimization (SEO) practices. Once your website reached the top ranks of search engines, you will get a high number of leads, which may eventually convert into actual customers.

Utilize Social Media Marketing

Since almost everyone is on social media nowadays, you can use it as a marketing tool to promote your clinic. According to reports, more than 40 percent of people get information on different social media sites before deciding where to go for various services. Other records also mentioned that 22 % of parents found a dentist for their children through this means. So, make sure that your clinic’s social media account actively posts all the time. You must also respond to every inquiry on social media. If you’re short on time, ask dental marketing companies to assign someone to handle your social media accounts for your business.

These marketing strategies can help put your dental practice on the map. All of these will let more people know about your clinic and consider visiting you to treat their teeth. If they get satisfied with your services, they will not think twice about recommending you to their family and friends in the future.

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