All You Need to Know about Cell Therapy, RBCs and Bone Marrow Aspiration 

Cell Therapy

Cells are the basic building blocks of any living organism. Cell Therapy is one of the latest methods to treat diseases such as cancers, issues with spinal cord, autoimmune diseases, as well as physical conditions where immunity gets weakened. In Cell Therapy, cells are injected into the patient after getting modified as per the needs. These cells are generally of two types: Autologous and Allogeneic. Cells that come off from the patients themselves are known as Autologous Cells while the ones that are procured from a donor are referred to as Allogeneic Cells.

Bone Marrow Aspiration

The process in which a sample of bone marrow is extracted from various parts of the body, such as hip bone and thigh bone is called Bone Marrow Aspiration. Bone Marrow is a spongy tissue, made up of cells that prove vital for the body. These cells include platelets, White Blood Cells (WBC) as well as Red Blood Cells (RBC).

Generally, Doctors recommend Bone Marrow Aspiration when they detect abnormal levels of WBC or RBC in a Complete Blood Count (CBC) report. There are various diseases that are associated with bone marrow issues such as leukopenia, leukemia, tuberculosis, anemia, myelofibrosis, etc. Generally the process doesn’t involve any complications, however, in some rare conditions, allergic reactions, bleeding, discomfort can be observed.

Red Blood Cells

Red Blood Cells (RBC), also referred to as erythrocytes, carry oxygen to all parts of the body. The protein inside Red Blood Cells is called Hemoglobin. Red Blood Cells have a lifespan of 120 days and are formed inside the bone marrow. The amount of oxygen received by tissues is directly proportional to the number of RBCs, and an abnormal amount can lead to serious complications. Generally when RBC is low, you might feel dizziness, fatigue, headache, pale skin, etc.

Now that we have known about Cell Therapy, Bone Marrow Aspiration, Red Blood Cells in brief, let us also understand the PXPsystem developed by thermogenesis that helps in reducing RBC contamination in bone marrow concentrate which is nothing but the process of using the cell separation technique to eliminate the waste RBCs and thus pure stem cells are obtained from the concentrate so they can be used in the cell therapy.  

The system can achieve high stem recoveries without the need for a sedimentation agent. The process is simple and highly effective, providing the concentration of bone marrow within 20 minutes.

In order to facilitate several bone marrow units, an automated sterile system is used. Inside the control module of the PXP System, there is an infrared sensor tower used to produce accurate cell concentrate volume.

The complete system includes PXP Disposable Cartridge, Control Module, Docking Station as well as DataTrak Software. The DataTrak Software will help you in maintaining proper documentation. The documentation helps in maintaining specific records of each bone marrow sample.

ThermogenesisHoldings, the manufacturer of PXP System, is a leading company in the field of Automated Cell-Based Therapeutics and Bioprocessing. Highly efficient products are developed by the company to facilitate bone marrow concentrates reliably. 

Check out the website and you will get to know about the different products developed. If you are an industry-partner looking for such products, you can contact them and they will provide you with the required solutions. 

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