All You Need to Know about Weed Washing

Weed Washing

The term weed washing expresses an alarming trend that is becoming widespread now. Weed Washing is standard these days in the beauty industry. 

This trend is about beauty companies offering products rich in CBD (cannabis compounds). At the same time, it is often the case that the CBD-claimed products only have hemp seed oil and not the desired type of cannabis. Promising CBD-rich hemp oil and presenting hemp seed oil makes a lot of difference. 

Let us now see what the main difference between the two is: 

  • Hemp Seed Oil: Hemp seed oil, as the name itself suggests, is made from hemp seeds. The process used in it is called cold press extraction. This hemp seed oil can also be compared to other types of oil. Rosehip oil and jojoba oil can also provide the same nourishment and anti-inflammatory properties like hemp seed oil. But these oils are not rich in cannabis compounds and hence not as good as CBD oil. 
  • CBD oil: CBD oil or oil that contains cannabis compounds is made from different extracts. We obtain this from stalks, leaves, and flowers. These components are taken from mature hemp plants. The process used is ethanol and CO2 extraction. 

Weed Washing: A Growing Unfortunate Practice in Today’s Beauty Industry So many beauty companies that use hemp seed oil are claiming to use cannabis compounds. The companies put up cannabis compound-related images which are completely vague. They often use terms like calming, de-stress, or relaxing. This they do to give the customers an illusion of the product containing cannabis compounds. 

Mainstream is the green rush of the cannabis and CBD sector.  A few companies are wanting to merge with CBD ventures. These companies are willing to add cannabis compounds. On the other hand, some companies want to increase their sales with false claims. These companies fool people looking for products with cannabis compounds. 

The demand and interest in cannabis compound products are increasing. Hence, people are purchasing products without proper research if the product contains CBD. This is an advantage for companies to increase their revenue without providing appropriate products. 

The Golden Standard of Potency No. 710

We will never weed wash our customers here. We instead aim to make the components Weed Transparent to you. You will know everything about our products, from soil to oil. 

The Potency No. 710 Gold Serum is rich in CBD extract. This serum contains various essential oils. It is manufactured with all-natural ingredients. The benefits of this serum are pretty compelling. 

CBD-rich oil makes the base of this serum. We extract this oil from the topmost quality hemp flower and stalks. Do not just believe in what we say. We will not disappoint you in your research about our products as well. 


Now that you know what weed Washing is, be aware. When purchasing a product, check if it has mentioned the use of CBD oil. If the product only says hemp oil, the chances are that it has very little to no cannabis compounds. Also, get your product from a trusted source. You can be sure of it if the company offers transparency in the making of the product. Do not fall prey to weed washing. 

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