Best Affiliate Programs

Best Affiliate Programs

Are you trying your hand at affiliate marketing? What are the best affiliate programs? The best affiliate programs, basically, are ones that pay you, on time, each and every pay period, as promised. In addition, they are on your side and want you to succeed. So what determines that a program is one of the best affiliate programs?

  1. As stated, they pay you when they say that they will pay you. There are no “delays” or “excuses”. Clickbank is great for this.
  2. You have several payment options, including Paypal, a preloaded Mastercard or direct deposit, aside from receiving a check in the mail.
  3. You are assured that your affiliate links are solid, protected, cloaked and non hijackable. Often, affiliates lose out on commissions because their links are replaced by other people’s links – slimy, but it happens.
  4. The best affiliate programs provide you with full support, including article ideas, keyword sets, banners, and any other tools that may assist you to get your campaigns up and running.

There are literally thousands of affiliate programs available. What you really need to do as a marketer is to select a niche and then look for products to promote with that niche.

Never make the mistake of promoting more than one niche on a single domain. This is the fastest way to lose visitors and potential customers.

A good affiliate program will have a lot of tools that can assist you in any way you choose to promote their products and offerings. You don’t need to settle for substandard support or tools, you are the one doing all of the work here and there is no point in swimming upstream, against the current.

Luckily, it does not cost you anything to join affiliate programs and promote their offerings, unless of course, it is a membership site.

The one thing about membership sites, though, is that their commissions are generally quite handsome. What makes membership sites even more attractive is that they often bring recurring commissions. Wealthy Affiliate is such a program and I would highly recommend it.

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