Juice Recipe for prostate and breast cancer

Pomegranate is likewise called seeded apple, in which vitamin C, potassium and malic corrosive forestall issues in heart, ovary and prostate. The phytochemicals (plant-or organic product inferred substance mixes) in cabbage grows are 3 to 10 times of that in cabbage itself. Brussels grows are likewise useful in prostate and ovarian malignancy. Drink 4 to […]

Improving the treatment of breast cancer: A tale of 10 diseases

Having treated bosom malignancy for four decades, I can validate the dynamic change in result in ladies determined to have beginning time malady. Multi-pronged advances in chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal treatment, helped by prior discovery through customary screening mammograms, have expanded the five-year survival rate from 71% when I started rehearse in the mid 1970’s, […]

Important new guidelines for doctors and patients on treatment for advanced cancer

As an oncologist, I can state decisively that nothing in my day by day hone analyzes to the troubled obligation of breaking awful news. Telling a patient with advancing malignancy that further chemotherapy medicines are probably not going to be viable signs the finish of the confident period of their voyage and an inescapable change […]