Dental Implant Procedure Cost

When someone loses a tooth then it causes two problems. The first one is linked to your appearance where you lose your perfect smile as a gap can be spotted easily which is caused due to loss of the tooth. The second one is more of an economic hurdle. Getting a dental implant is not just a sophisticated process but is also a burden on your pockets. However, Azzz Dental brings you the best dental implants keeping quality available at affordable rates. 

In this article, you will know all that you need about the cost of implants and what makes them so expensive.

Just like any other surgery implants require a combination of different procedures used in order to reach the desired goal. Stating a single price which is the same for every person can be difficult and there are many factors that hinder the cast, like;

Location of the dentist: 

If you have a reputed dental surgeon near your home then this factor doesn’t add much to the final cost. In an opposite scenario where the dentist is miles away from your place then the amount put in transportation can be huge as getting implants is not a one-time trip to the dentist and requires frequent visits.

Dentist’s Fee Structure:

Different dentists have different pricing for similar services. If you consult an experienced and highly trained dentist then he will cost you more as compared to a less known and less experienced dentist. The price difference is just because of the experience and quality of skills that a dentist holds.

Patient’s Condition:

While budgeting for your implants you must be aware of all the costs according to your physical demands prior to surgery. The structure of your jawbone and current condition of gums decide whether you can get a simpler and cheaper procedure for an implant or an advanced and expensive method.

Use Of Technology:

If you get hooked to a dentist who prefers to use conventional dentistry methods that you will obviously have to pay less. Conventional methods demand less advanced technology which saves both the energy bill and input cost of the dentist leading to a decrease in total cost. On the other hand, if your dentist uses modern technology then likewise the money you’ll be paying would increase.

Quality and Material:

Just like any other matter dental implants cost according to the type of material that is used for example ceramic, titanium etc. Plus the quality of implants also plays a major role in deciding the cost. Dentists usually have implants of different qualities available according to the budget of the patient.

Considering all these factors we can understand that prices may vary for different types of cases but on an average, a state of the art dental implant will cost you around $3000 – $5000 for a single implant. If you have made your decision already and willing to go for a dental implant then log on to We guarantee that you won’t regret joining hands with us.

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