Healthy Asian Diet Pyramid

The customary solid Asian Diet Pyramid is like American Food Guide Pyramid.

In any case, there are a few contrasts. You can discover subtle elements on Asian Diet Pyramid underneath.

Day by day physical movement is fundamental. Day by day exercise ought to be made no less than 30 minutes.

Rice, noodles, breads, corn, millet and different oats are basic and ought to be eaten copious every day. Wholegrains ought to be preffered.

Natural products, vegetables, vegetables, seeds and nuts ought to be expended copious consistently.

Purpose, wine or brew can be expended tolerably consistently.

Vegetable oils can be devoured less consistently.

Fish, shellfish or dairy items can be devoured less consistently.

Eggs and poultry can be devoured week after week.

Desserts and sugary items can be devoured week after week.

Meat can be devoured month to month.

6 glasess of water or tea is suggested every day.

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