Here’s Why You Ought to Start Using Menstrual Cups

Are you looking for a much safer and less likely method that causes leakages during your periods? The traditional sanitary pads and tampons are long overdue. They are disposable materials that hardly have any value as one would have to purchase another bunch yet again when their period nears. How well do you know your menstrual cups? If you are not sure, here’s why you need to start using them.

  • It’s gentle to the skin.

Each person has unique skin that can be quite sensitive to materials that make sanitary napkins or tampons. Some of these products have artificial perfumes and strong fragrances that can cause skin irritation or allergic reaction.

However, with menstrual cups, all that becomes a thing of the past. Thus, you can be assured that your skin is much safer and has no cause for alarm during your menstrual cycle.

  • Lower costs & less landfill waste

You can buy menstrual cups online and use them for quite some years. Thus, it saves a great deal of cash that you might have been spending on disposable pads and tampons after their use.

Due to their reusability factor, you get to participate in a great deal in conserving the environment. Menstrual cups often get made from medical-grade latex, rubber, or silicone. They are less wasteful and thus don’t end up clogging the landfills. However, you need to check at the label as some cups are also disposable. Therefore, you should be extra careful if you want to use a reusable menstrual cup.

  • Doesn’t interfere with vaginal flora

Tampons, as well as sanitary napkins, often absorb the vaginal fluid alongside the blood. It ultimately disrupts one’s delicate pH as well as the bacterial balance. However, the menstrual cups only collect blood without absorbing any other fluid. Thus, there’s no interruption to the bacteria in place.

  • There’s a less embarrassing odor

During the menstrual cycle, most people lose inopportune time because they draw away from other people. It’s because they fear the embarrassing menstrual odor wafting in a room full of people. With a menstrual cup at hand, you can conquer any opportunity without fear. It’s because the fluid hardly exposed to the air as compared to the pads of tampons. Thus, you can have the cup on from four hours up to 12 hours without worry before you empty it.

  • It holds more liquid.

Menstrual cups are known to hold more liquid as compared to the pads or tampons. Thus, they come in handy more so when one is undergoing a substantial flow period. Therefore you need not worry about changing your tampon or napkin every so often.

If you are skeptical about its benefits, the only way to clear the air is by buying menstrual cups online and giving it the go-ahead. Be sure to look out for their sizes as well as formation. If the 1st one doesn’t suit you, you can always try the next one. It’s a new chance to sleep better and rest easy with no leak during that time of the month.

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