Hip replacement Surgery Pro & Cons

The various types of hip replacement surgery and the pros and cons of each

Hip replacement surgery is a surgical procedure, where the hip joint is being replaced by a prosthetic implant. In some cases these conditions improve, but no cure exists for joint pain and if the case is severe it cannot be controlled by medication or other measures. This tends to affect the patient and their daily day to day activities are impaired. Always opt for hip replacement surgery in Indiaas some of the best doctors are found in this part of the world. They have the necessary skills along with expertise to undertake surgery in an easy manner.

How can you consider yourself to be a good candidate for hip replacement surgery?

One of the most common causes of hip replacement surgery would be arthritis of the hip joint. One of the types of arthritis that appears with aging would be osteoarthritis. So that the patient is to be considered for hip replacement surgery you need to follow certain criteria. There are other types of hip replacement surgery that are restricted but which are not limited to

  • If there does arise any chronic pain in the joints
  • No relief or less amount of relief that you suffer from pain medications
  • When problems in the day to day activities like climbing stairs , walking
  • Pain that arises when you are in a sitting position
  • A sudden urge to stop activities when you face a lot of pain

The various types of hip replacement surgery?

Total hip replacement surgery

This appears to be a common type of surgery to alleviate pain or debilitation that is caused by dislocations, fractures, hip related issues or congenital disorders. An immediate impact of this operation is on the greater side. Once 3 months pass, if the case is not complex the patient appears to be devoid of pain. The patient can walk without any pain or no limp at all.

Partial hip replacement surgery

During the course of the surgery the hip socket is kept as it is. The top of the femur you might go on to replace that happens in case of the total hip replacement surgery. Doctors would suggest you for this type of surgery when the head of the femur is destroyed or broken. Before deciding on this type of treatment the doctor may suggest a host of pain relief methods that would alleviate the pain to a considerable extent. But if the choices do not contribute to the best results, then hip replacement surgery does appear to be the only option left.


The preparations for this surgery

In case if you have been asked to undergo hip replacement surgery a host of preparations are to be anticipated. Before you approach this surgery you would need to be in proper physical condition. Before and after the surgery the upper body does need all the physical strength to encounter this surgery. Then the doctor will suggest you a date for this surgery.

There are several things that you need to keep in mind for this surgery. Sometimes the surgeon might ask you to appear for a physical examination by your doctor. This does help to figure out whether there are any other heart problems in the form of high blood pressure or diabetes that can be cured before the surgery is undertaken.

The positive effects of hip replacement surgery?

Always opt for the best orthopaedic doctor in India as they have the necessary expertise and skills in order to perform the surgery in a skilful manner. There are various benefits from this type of surgery

  • Effective form of treatment- Hip replacement has proved to be an effective form of treatment for osteoarthritis and this would be patients all around the world
  • The hip pain will be reduced- there will be an initial round of discomfort which is going to fade away after a few days of the surgery. You can pretty much expect that the hip pain will be eliminated or eradicated once the surgery is over.
  • Your lost mobility would be restored- Once the hip pain reduces, with increase a use the legs are going to become a lot stronger. It would contribute to more mobility, less pain and at the time easy movements
  • Reliable surgery- this surgery is considered to be one of the most reliable forms of surgeries in the domain of orthopaedic surgery. It does ensure a positive outcome in terms of reducing pain at a considerable level.
  • Betterment in the quality of life- with greater mobility along with less pain, you are in a position to perform day to day tasks in a better way and lead a better quality of life.
  • The patient satisfaction appears to be on the higher side- in the case of patients, higher levels of satisfaction are witnessed and for this reason the surgery is popular in the elite class of hospitals of the country.

What is the time duration you need to spend in the hospital?

Normally in case of a hip replacement surgery you are not expected to spend 3 to 5 days in the hospital. Once the surgery is over you are going to feel pain in the hips. In order to make you comfortable pain medication would be given to you. It is expected that by around 6 months you will recover from the surgery. Though this would depend upon the overall quality of health, the type of surgery you have undergone along with the success of your rehab program.

Once the surgery is over the surgeon along with the physical therapist would ask for your discharge if you are comfortable with the following

  • For all the activities you are going to follow hip precautions
  • At the same time you are independent in terms of transfer activities
  • You are currently and commit to stick towards an exercise regime
  • At the same time you will be able to walk in level surfaces for a distance of 100 metres and climb stairs.

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