How should you take care of the facial skin – learn the primary steps and get the healthy skin

Keeping the face in good condition requires daily cleansing and hydration routine that is based on consistency, the use of a suitable product, and the correct application. In the care of the facial skin, there are at least three important aspects. The first must be constant. The second, it is necessary to go to a specialist to determine what type of product is most appropriate to the type of skin. And, the third, to know the necessary protocol that must be carried out daily.

How many times do you have to wash your face with a cleanser during the day?

No matter whether you are a man or woman, but, in general, you must clean your facial skin twice a day. In the morning, we must clean our facial skin because we need to clean the toxin wastes which accumulate throughout the night while we were sleeping. And, at night, because we want to eliminate the waste which accumulates throughout the day. We must also put moisturizer after cleaning our face, because it is essential to maintain the hydration of the skin, especially in mature or dry skin. Therefore, it is advisable to apply a Moroccan oil intense hydrating mask that seals the water in the epidermis.

Why is it so important to hydrate twice?

Twice a day would be the minimum frequency, which will depend on skin type, water hardness, temperature, humidity, wind, cold and other environmental factors. With the passing of the hours, the skin loses water by evaporation, and it is necessary to replace it with a cream. Therefore, it is interesting to use a cream during the day that protects us from the sun, pollution, environmental conditions. And, at night, that is when the skin starts the repair mechanisms, Moroccan oil hydrating mask helps it to restore, repair, regenerate and nourish.

When it comes to the ingredients, there is a wide range of assets depending on the type of skin. So, is there any simple technique to apply the moisturizer? We recommend doing it with both hands upwards, starting from the chin and performing gentle massages, to distribute it all over the face. Always from top to bottom and from the center outwards. The eye contour should be avoided, because it is a more sensitive area, and more prone to allergies. We can also perform soft pinches that activate the blood microcirculation, provide “extra” nutrients and promote cell regeneration.

You always have to apply a suitable moisturizer under the makeup, because that way we get it to be fixed better to the skin and last longer. The protocol would be – first, clean and apply a specialized serum for our skin type, then, the day moisturizer and, finally, the makeup. When you want to remove the makeup, you can use makeup cleanser. After that, you must use Moroccanoil Products to give your skin a rejuvenating effect. But, how many times should the product be put on? It is advisable to apply it day and night.

Should we use the eye contour twice a day or just once and before the night cream?

The area around the eyes, which is more sensitive, thinner and dehydrates much more easily than the rest of the face, must be hydrated as many times as necessary. At a minimum, in the morning and at night. And, always, with a specific product for this perfume-free zone. The product for the eye contour is normally applied by light touches on the orbital bone. In the case of wrinkles, it is best to apply it throughout the orbicular area and, above the eyebrow, since the true “support” of the eye is above the eyebrow.

How many days a month should you use a facial scrub and why? Once a week, although the frequency may vary depending on the type of skin. The more fat will require more uses and, the drier and/or sensitive ones, can use them less frequently. It so important to exfoliate the skin because it helps with its renewal, it eliminates dead cells and favors the penetration of the assets that we apply later such as masks, creams, etc. In addition, it provides a brighter appearance.


Can you put on sunscreen after the day moisturizer?

The sunscreen should always be applied last in any beauty routine. Although the moisturizer has sun protection, it is more advisable to use a protector from 30 SPF. It is a very good idea to use one with color or make-up format because that way we save a step and get a beautiful and durable color. There are moisturizers that already incorporate the sun protection factor. In winter, it is usually sufficient to use an SPF between 15 and 20 and, in summer, higher protection factors of up to SPF50 + are used.


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