How to choose the best electric razor

There really is no need to define what a razor is, or an electric one for that matter. But then, for the sake of those who were not born on this planet. A razor is a tool that we use to shave hairs off our body, as in, remove hairs (not those on our head though, at least, not usually). From this, we can gather that an electric razor is a razor that is powered by electricity. Razors are usually the forte of men which means that more than a few women find choosing good razor blades daunting. Which is why this article has been written; to provide viable solutions to their inability to choose suitable razors. This article provides a list of the best electric razors for women that are in existence.

1. Why the electric razor?

There are a lot of reasons why you would choose the electric razor over the traditional razor chief among which is the fact that using electric razors completely eliminates your chances of getting cuts, nicks and burns especially when you have a sensitive skin. This means that you cannot have any of these if you use an electric razor as opposed to the traditional razor. Although, using an electric razor does not mean that you are free of skin irritation, it is easier on the skin when compared with traditional razors. This renders electric razors the best type of razors for people with sensitive skin.

Traditional razors are also time consuming. This is because when you are using a traditional razor, you would be extra careful so as not to cut or nick yourself while shaving, precautions that are more or less unnecessary when you are using an electric razor. Also, the constant need to lather and rinse the blade also leads to more time being wasted, add to that the possibility of having skin irritation and razor burn.

Using an electric razor more or less eliminates all these issues that face people who use traditional razors. For instance, you could do away with lathering by purchasing a dry shave electric razor, and even if you do decide to go with the wet shave electric razor, it will still be far easier and time efficient skin irritation razors.

Using traditional razors isn’t also as effective as it seems because while it is true that cartridge razors can get you a very close shave which most electric razors can’t, you should know that they dull quickly, end up irritating your skin and result in razor burn after shaving. This leads to you having to purchase after shave products for stemming the tide of razor burn. Another way in which cartridge razors are ineffective is that when you (maybe mistakenly or negligently) leave your razor in an environment that is steamy, bacteria grow on it and it rusts. This means that you will have to spend yet more money purchasing new razors.

There are two types of electric razors you can choose from: there is the foil style electric razor and the rotary style electric razor. The foil style electric razor works via oscillation (in a back and forth manner). This makes it necessary that when you are using this type of razor, you in an up and down manner to get a really good shave. The rotary style electric razor on the other hand, spins really fast. Sort of like a centrifuge (or a really fast fan). The best way to use this and get a nice and clean cut is to use it in a circular manner.

Razors can be powered either by means of a rechargeable (or disposable) battery or by plugging directly to a power source. Electric razors were initially designed for just dry shaving; they have however, evolved over the years to accommodate wet shaving.

Using an electric razor also has yet another advantage over the traditional razor in that it can be used to shave all types of hair.

It was mentioned above that you save money on blades when you use an electric razor asopposed to when you use a traditional razor. This is true as you would onlyneed to change the blade of your electric razor (which costs about $20) onceevery 18 or so months. Refilling a cartridge based razor costs about $20 eachmonth while the double edge safety razor uses about $8.5 each year. This isminus all the other peripheral products that need to be purchased in order tohave a comfortable shaving experience. Products like shaving cream, shavingstand and so on.

Another reason for why you will definitely want to purchase an electric razor is the fact that it is very portable. It also saves you from hassles at the airport when you want to travel. This would not be possible if you had a traditional razor as they would not allow you travel with such.

2. How to choose the best electric razor for you

Women and men shavers are different. They are designed differently bearing their usage and the gender of the user in mind. For example, men have to shave their facial hair and they do this regularly. This led to the manufacturers of shavers designing men’s shavers to have more contouring amongst other things specifically for the heavy use of men’s shavers. Women’s shavers on the other hand are designed ergonomically with the female gender in mind, their shavers are designed to be lighter.

It is important that as a lady, the shaver you use fits right in with your type of skin and the lifestyle you lead.

  • For instance, some razors are better suited for sensitive skin types than some others. So, if you are someone with very sensitive skin, look for a shaver that is specifically designed with sensitive skin types in mind.
  • If your shaver is intended to shave the hair on the curvy parts of your body such as your legs and armpits, certain shavers are more suited for these than others are.
  • Yet other shavers are designed to be able to shave a lady’s bikini line, and if this is the type of use you plan to subject your razor to. Look for a razor that is designed for such.
  • Yet some other shavers are designed for the road. Their batteries are either rechargeable or replaceable.

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