How to Get Medical Help for Immobile Patients and Those in Remote Areas


Sydney’s healthcare system is highly lauded in the world. It offers different medical services from general health to preventive health. Its hospitals and specialists are also more than capable of treating complex conditions. For anyone who needs health care, they can access the public health system, private healthcare facilities, or a mixture of both.

Getting to hospitals and other healthcare facilities is not an issue in Sydney. The only problem is how can healthcare services be delivered to remote areas, immobile patients, and during off-hours. In these cases, seeking medical help through a
home doctor in Sydney can be of great relief.

If you live in Kiwirrkurra or other remote areas in Sydney, going to the hospital or getting immediate medical aid can be challenging. The same thing is true for patients who have a hard time moving and for those who need urgent non-life-threatening medical help in the wee hours of the morning. Good thing that doctors have gone out of their way to bring medical check-ups to the patients.

Medical services offered

Though the type of services offered varies depending on the doctor, these online home doctors typically provide urgent medical assistance, non-urgent medical care, and after-hour General Physician (GP) services. If you want to pay for your medical care after a certain period, you can also explore their bulk billing option.

Urgent medical services, as the term suggests, refer to urgent non-life-threatening cases. You can call for an emergency home doctor in Sydney even after their usual clinic hours. For non-urgent medical care needs, the rules may be different. It refers to regular check-ups or follow-ups and other cases that are not urgent. In this case, you can pick a date when your home doctor can visit.


Why seek the services of a home medical doctor?

First and foremost, it is more convenient than queuing in the emergency room. Plus, you can pick a date when you can meet your doctor for a check-up. If you or the patient, for example, can only move with the use of a wheelchair, transportation from your home to the hospital or clinic can be very inconvenient. Aside from that, the patient will also have to wait for the doctor to arrive. That simple can be draining for the patient. So, instead of having them go through this, it is better to wait for the doctor at home.

The next reason why you need a home doctor now more than ever is that it is a safer option. Imagine having to travel to the hospital and wait for your turn to be checked. Also, if you are immunocompromised, being exposed to other patients with contagious diseases can bring you more harm. You may only be suffering from persistent allergic rhinitis, but because you forced yourself to go to the hospital, you might be able to catch something else. So, to avoid getting sicker than you already are, call your home doctor instead. You will be safer at home.

The takeaway

Patients seeking medical care are usually not well enough to commute to the hospital and wait for the doctor. Those who live in far-flung areas also have a hard time seeking medical help simply because of the sheer distance. To save patients from these agonising situations, it is best to call your home doctor instead.

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