How to Have a Healthy Vegetarian Pregnancy


Scientifically speaking, human beings have done enough damage to the environment, and there is no sign of stopping anytime soon. It is a proven fact that the meat and dairy industry has been harming the environment enormously. It is high time for people to learn respecting the boundaries of the natural habitat. Otherwise, pandemics like COVID-19 will surely repeat themselves in the near future. 

Many people would show concern about the health benefits of a vegan diet, especially during pregnancy. They would say that the mother and the child need protein that comes only from eating meat. Well! The first part of that argument is true; during pregnancy, both the mother and the baby requires protein, but a vegan diet is more than capable of meeting the protein need. Most people do not know this fun fact, that all the protein stored in the meat and dairy products come directly from green food and plants. Therefore, protein insufficiency will never be an issue when it comes to providing nutrients for a pregnant woman. 

Continue reading this article to find out how to stay energetic and full of life during your pregnancy. 

A Balanced Food-Chart: When you are pregnant, you need to be doubly sure before putting anything in your mouth. Food items are a great source of energy as well as can be toxic. Any vegan would agree that meat is murder. A piece of dead mean contains blood, pus and other bacterial germs from the dead animal. It is utterly cruel to kill innocent animals for the consumption of human beings. 

  • Consult with a doctor and learn about your physical condition more thoroughly. Ask the doctor if you need special vitamins or medications during the childbearing months. He must recommend vegan medicines since you follow a vegan diet, and many firms are producing completely vegan tablets. Check out the properties of the medicines, to be sure that they are 100 percent vegan. 
  • Add lots of seeds and nuts to your diet to increase protein consumption. You may also add a vegan protein powder to your daily food list. These vegan health drinks will promote a healthy birth-weight for your child. A vegan diet, in general, is filled with protein, zinc, iodine, vitamin B12 and vitamin D. 

Strong Community: It is important to build a strong community of support system to be happy during the months of pregnancy. It is good to be surrounded by people with similar beliefs. If your food habits and choices are not appreciated and criticized daily, you would not feel healthy emotionally. Maintaining positive psychological health is crucial during pregnancy for the growth of the baby’s mind. 

The mother needs to be happy, not for the sake of her baby only, but her own self. It is high time society must learn to respect women’s choice regarding their own body and their right to childbirth. If the mother chooses a vegan diet, you can only respect and encourage her choice. Humanity, as a whole, is evolving and making progress in a positive direction.

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