Joint Pain Relief: What You Can Do to Feel Better Now

No matter whether you are old or young, fat or thin or healthy or unhealthy, joint pain is one of those health issues that can grip you anytime and make you feel miserable. The reasons for joint pain vary from strains, sprains, wounds, trauma, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis or osteoporosis in some cases. Though there are many methods to relieve joint pain, some of the popular ones that offer instant relief in most cases are listed right here.

Ø  Try Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy, also known as ice therapy is a time-tested method of joint pain relief. When you try this option, the cold temperature will reduce the blood flow which further leads to reduce tissue swelling in most cases. If you are experiencing joint pain today, you should apply the ice pack to the affected area for 15 minutes every hour or so. The next day, apply it for 15 minutes only a few times a day and reduce the number of times you apply the ice pack as the time passes and you get some relief. Don’t apply ice to the affected area directly or you might have ice burns. Instead, you should use a towel or washcloth to apply the ice.

Ø  Go for Hydrotherapy

If for some reason, you can’t opt for cryotherapy, you can try hydrotherapy. In this therapy, as the name suggests, you use water to ease pressure on the muscles and joints. The water must be warm, not cold or hot to offer the best relief. If you have opted to take a bath in warm water, make sure that you massage the affected area to stimulate the blood flow.

Ø  Take the Tablets

Those of you who want an instant solution to the pain can select joint pain relief tablets from reputed websites like These tablets are usually gluten and sugar-free, so they usually don’t pose any harm to individuals. But you will be smart to consult with your doctor in this regard before making a decision. These tablets are usually different from the common over the counter painkillers as they work to provide joint pain relief that lasts long.

Ø  Select a Massage

If you can afford it, you should also consider getting a massage done on the joints by professionals. As there are many massage therapies available today, you should try as many of them as possible and stick to one or two that offer maximum pain relief. In case you can’t afford a professional’s fee, you can also see various DIY videos as do your massage on your own. While doing it on your own, you can rub menthol on the affected area to reduce the pain. Also, make sure that the direction of the strokes is towards your heart.

Ø  Trust the Herbs

There are many herbal remedies available for joint pain relief. You should try one or more of them for instant joint pain relief. If you are confused about which method is the safest, then we suggest you opt for natural herbal mixtures like herbal teas that not only help in alleviating pain but also prevent it in the future.

Ø  Exercise Regularly

Yes, it may sound weird that we are suggesting you to exercise when you should rest, but the fact is that if you exercise regularly and have an exercise routine, your joint pain episodes will decrease and you will have the ability to move more freely. There are some exercises like stretching that you can do even when the pain level is moderate to high because it will provide some relief. Exercising regularly will make your joints more flexible, full of strength and help in combating potential joint pain. You can also take the help of a physical therapist to help in relieving joint pain.

Ø  Choose Alternative Therapies

If you have tried the usual medications and therapies and they are not working for you, you can attain joint pain relief by choosing alternative therapies like Bikram yoga and acupuncture. These methods not only help with joint pain but also enhance the range of movement of your muscles.

Ø  Consider Immobilization

In cases where the pain in the joints is too great, you have the option of immobilizing the area with a brace or splint. This option should be among the last resorts and should be selected only when the pain of movement is too much to bear.

Ø  Be Prepared to Avoid Pain

It is a fact that joint pain gets worse during specific seasons like cold and rainy weather. So, if you often suffer from joint pain, you should read some tips for keeping your joints healthy during cold & rainy weather and prepare yourself to avoid the pain. Always remember that prevention is better than cure so you must prevent the pain whenever possible and save yourself from unwanted agony.I


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