Myths on Menstrual Cycle

Myths on Menstrual Cycle


Menstrual myths are in the air for ages. Women and teenage girls are influenced by some of the myths and stay away from the truth. Even today, negative references and misunderstandings of menstruation and cycles keep women in the loop of illusory fears and taboos.

The menstrual cycle is just the normal functioning of the reproductive system of a woman. She has every right to feel liberated irrespective of her periods. You need not cut yourself out dreading age-old and illogical phrases.

Most menstrual myths are derived from cultural and religious credentials and hence create anxiousness in girls. Just work out your logic and you will be able to decide for yourself what is right and what is not.

Let us have a look at the popular myths and incorrect conventions or beliefs, of which so many have been passed on for centuries.

Yoga during Menstruation

Doing yoga during menstruation is considered as safe; moreover, it helps to alleviate pain during periods. Actually exercising during periods entirely depends on the type of exercise you are doing as high-intensity exercises are not good for your body. On the other hand low or else moderate intensity exercises will offer many benefits to relieve period pain. Yoga is an activity which is considered as mild, and thus it is safe during menstruation.  You should keep in mind many yoga disciplines and should stay away from high-intensity yoga workouts such as power yoga or else hot yoga. Yoga is known to be the best form of exercise which can be done during periods. It helps your body to relieve cramps as well as mood swings. It is said that if you want to have a happier, healthier as well as more comfortable monthly cycle then perform yoga during menstruation. As per researches the result of doing yoga during periods will reduce pains like premenstrual back aces and menstrual cramps, it also decreases hormone problems, and help to regulate irregular periods. Yoga has many cycles improving powers and even reduces stress levels which help your body to relax.

Do not practice yoga during periods

  • You need not absolutely discard yoga during periods.
  • In fact, yoga is one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating techniques that calm your body during agonizing periods.
  • Gentle asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing techniques) enhances blood circulation, reduces cramps and distressing symptoms. It also helps in alleviating stress and anxiety that breaks period cycles and instigates pain.
  • All you need to do is skip inversions and poses that strain your abdomen.


Can we do Yoga during periods

Doing Yoga during periods is your personal choice, if you feel up to it, then you can. However, if you feel bleeding heavily or lousy then you can skip yoga during periods. So, listen to your body and alter poses to suit your comfort level.  If you choose to do yoga, then Yoga during periods can help energize your body, relieve bloating, soother cramps and also improve mood. Keep in mind that poses which involve inversions must be avoided as they obstruct the natural blood flow. There is no hard and fast rule for yoga during periods. It is better to discover for yourself what is best for your body. You can choose forward bends, gentle twists as well as supported backbends as they promote that superb interior quality. On the other hand, no scientific researches gave specific as well as proved results regarding which yoga poses are good or bad for your body during periods. It is advised that any position which necessitates you to pose your head below your heart should be avoided at the time of performing yoga during periods.

Can we do suryanamaskar during periods?

Doing suryanamaskar during periods is considered to be fine if you are not facing cramps or else heavy bleeding.  In case you experience any discomfort all through the practice of suryanamaskar during periods then you should stop doing it immediately. Practicing suryanamaskar during menstruation is a matter of your personal choice. In case you choose to perform it then keep in mind that there is no risk linked to it. In fact, it is said that performing these poses or asanas can actually assist you to get relieved from several symptoms like mood swings, cramps, and crankiness during periods.  You should skip suryanamaskar during periods if you are facing severe cramps or lower back pain. Suryanamsakar itself combines 12 diverse poses along with proper breathing to complete the exercise. A 30-minute suryanamaskar workout burns about 417 calories if done gently and adequately. It is considered as the excellent form of warming up as well as stretching during periods.

You can’t get pregnant during your periods

  1. This is not true. Women carry on with unprotected sex believing this myth.
  2. Though the probability is low, it is proven that there are chances for a woman to conceive even while she menstruates.
  3. Women who have shorter menstrual cycle ovulate early. And therefore the possibility of pregnancy can’t be discarded. It is always safe to use condoms or take contraceptives to avoid undesired pregnancy.

Can a girl get pregnant on her period?

A girl can get pregnant while she is on her periods and it depends totally on at what time ovulation occurs. The ovulation is a time when a girl is most fertile, and that vaginal bleeding can be mistaken for a period. Having unprotected sex at that time can result in pregnancy. Normally amid 12 to 16 day of menstrual  cycle egg reaches to its, maturity, the time ovary releases an egg into abdomen if picked up by fallopian tube. For about 24 hours egg lies in the fallopian tube and this is the place where sperm and egg meet. Girl’s menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days normally, and some have short cycles such as for 21 to 22 days. Hence if the periodic cycle is more concise, you may ovulate soon after periods are over.  So at that time if you involve in sexual intercourse, you chance higher chances of getting pregnant. Keep in mind that the earlier you ovulate, the earlier you have opportunities for pregnancy. The days closer to ovulation have higher chances of pregnancy in comparison to the days further from ovulation.

Can a woman get pregnant on her period?

It is absolutely possible that women can get pregnant during her periods. Chances of women of getting pregnant when on her periods can rise and fall. Generally a woman will get pregnant one or two days of her nil, however, chances increases with each successive day tough she is still on her periods.  Ovulation cycle of a woman varies thus it is possible that she can become pregnant while on her periods. There is less chance of pregnancy in the earlier days of menstruation, but chances increase with later days. In case you have irregular periods the chances of getting pregnant increases while you are on periods. Below are some possibilities that you can get pregnant while you are on periods:

  • Early ovulation is one situation in which you can get pregnant easily while you are on your periods.
  • Pregnancy during periods also depends on the lifespan of sperm. Sperm can live longer for about three to five days in your body. During that time if it reaches your fallopian tube, then it can also live for seven days and can fertilize the egg.
  • The short menstrual cycle can lead to pregnancy during menstruation. The shorter the cycle leads to early ovulation and that increases the chances of pregnancy.
  • Irregular periods are one more reason for pregnancy during periods as you are not known with your exact ovulation dates.

You shouldn’t have sex during periods

  1. There is nothing wrong with having sexual intercourse while you are menstruating.
  2. It is observed that having sex during periods has in fact helped women get over cramps and other discomforts associated with periods. But a woman is more prone to infections and STDs during this time, as her vaginal tract is sensitive and weekly defended.
  3. All you need to do is have safe sex. Also be sure to take precautions to not create a mess.


Having sex during periods

Yes, it is totally safe while having sex during periods and you can do whatever you are okay while you are menstruating. You should keep in mind that you can still get pregnant when you are on periods so take precautions as per your convenience. There are many benefits of having sex during periods such as relief from cramps, an increment in sex drive, help to make your periods shorter and many more.

Unprotected sex during period

Having unprotected sex during period can lead to some complications so you should say safe. You should know and understand the risks of having unprotected sex for sure as you can face. STIs, many other infections as well as pregnancy can be faced by you if you have unprotected sex.


Menstruation sex

Menstrual sex is a fantastic activity if done with full knowledge and understanding. You can enjoy whatever position you like while you are on your periods. Menstrual sex has many benefits like best for lubrication, orgasm while on menstrual sex cure cramps and also help in relieving pain. You should take several things into considering while having menstruation sex. There are many benefits as well as risks of having sex during periods which you should know. There are two types of infections which can occur if you are having menstruation sex, i.e. yeast infection and bacterial infection. So always try to have protected menstruation sex to avoid any kind of problem.


Sex during menstrual cycle

Sex during the menstrual cycle is an amazing activity but should be done after taking precautions. Having sex during the menstrual cycle can help you in many ways such as relief from cramps; shorten of periods and many more. You should discuss with your partner before having sex during periods so that you both can enjoy after understanding everything.

Is it safe to have sex in periods?

Yes having sex during periods is safe if done with proper protection. To stay safe from some STIs or any other diseases or pregnancy you should use protection and then you can carry on with intercourse during periods. There is no other reason that you should not have menstrual sex as it is considered as one of the glorious things a couple can do.

What happens if you have sex on period?

Many are unknown about the facts and are confused regarding what happens if you have sex on periods. You will be surprised to know that sex during periods is enjoyable in comparison to any other times of the month. But always keep in mind to have protected sex during periods as it will prevent you from risks involving period sex.

Is it okay to have sex while on period?

Of course, it is fine to have sex while on period, but it should be done with full protection. To stay safe, you should keep in mind some common facts related to it. Having protected sex during menstruation is must as it will lower the risk of pregnancy. You can also get contacted by STIs while you are having unprotected sex during periods, so stay updated and stay safe.

Intercourse during periods

Intercourse during periods is not harmful as it is beneficial and may reduce cramps and also improve mood. There is a risk of blood-borne diseases and STIs if you have unprotected sex during periods. So always use protection while having intercourse during periods. You should talk with your partner before having sex and should use protection to have safe menstruation sex.

Does period sex help period cramps?

Having period sex offer many benefits, and one of those is relief in period cramps. The hormones which body releases at the time of sex during menstruation can ease your period cramps as they work as painkillers at that time. So having sex during periods offer relief in period cramps guaranteed.


There is nothing called Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) – it is all in your mind

  1. Premenstrual Syndrome is a set of emotional and physical symptoms that precede periods by a week or two.
  2. It is initiated by hormonal fluctuations that occur during menstrual cycle. Usually one experiences nausea, headache, acne breakouts, fatigue, diarrhea, tender breasts, bloating, backache, body pain, irritability, mood swings, and anxiety among other symptoms.
  3. PMS varies from women to women; and they are not in your mind but the result of changes happening in your body. Next time somebody tells you the “all in your mind” excuse, you can stay with the fact.

Mood swings in women

At the time of periods mood swings in women is very common as some feel crying, some irritated, some angry. All women have to face some or the other situations related to mood changes during periods. It is said these mood swings in women is due to hormones which are connected and what actually affects the body. Some lifestyle and dietary changes should be done to avoid these mood swings during menstruation.

Pms Mood swings

PMS mood swings mean Premenstrual syndrome under which women experience mood swings during periods. Sometimes she will be irritated, sometimes angry, sometimes feel like crying. Treating PMS Mood swings can be done via medications and some lifestyle alterations. With the help of these two things, women can have control over mood changes as well as other emotions difficulties faced by them during periods.

How to stop PMS mood swings

As per the research, about 80 per cent of women experience PMS during there menstrual cycle. You should know how to stop PMS mood swings as it will make your life much easier. Some changes in lifestyle can help you to con troll PMS mood swings such as proper sleep, exercises, self-care and proper diet. If you are suffering from some intense or extreme mood swings during periods, then you should not feel shy to consult with your doctor instantly.

Mood swing after  period

You are quite familiar with PMS but mood wing after periods is also a situation that women face after the menstrual cycle is completed. There is a small percentage of women that face this situation. Postmenstrual syndrome is actually a presence of one or more hormones with irregularities and occurs in two weeks after periods are over. You can experience lower back pain, pelvic cramps, and soreness in breast and mood swings.  Mood swings after periods can be much more intense in comparison to before it.


Virgins can’t use tampons

  1. Absolutely not! If you are aged enough to get menarche you are old enough to use a tampon.
  2. The statement may have arisen because virgin women would have tighter vaginal openings which could make it difficult to insert a tampon. You can try a tampon, but do so gently.
  3. Get used to tampons and you need not skip a pool party the next time.

Does a tampon take your virginity?

It is a myth that using tampons will take your virginity as you will only lose your virginity only when your partner’s penis will enter your vagina. Using tampons can sometimes tear or stretches a girl’s hymen, but it does not lead to taking your virginity. This is entirely a myth which arose from the belief that if girl tear of her hymen them, she has not been considered as a virgin. This is totally wrong as a hymen can be broken by everyday activities also such as while riding a bike or t the time of enjoying any sports.  So at the time you are on your periods, you can prefer any option as per your continence and need. Don’t ever think that it will harm your virgin it as it is a misconception that tampons being more invasive than they actually are. It will never affect your virginity; thus you can use tampons without any kind of doubt.

Can you lose your virginity to a tampon?

You will never lose your virginity to a tampon unless you have sex. Actually, tampons are small when inserted and you can also buy a mini tampon which is specially designed for younger girls. Keep in mind that you can break your hymen which is very common but will never lose your virginity at all. Actually, people have diverse views in relation to virginity as some think that the breaking of hymen means losing of virginity but this is not correct. The hymen can be broken down while doing some exercises or driving a vehicle or playing sports. Some girls come with a hymen, and some do not have a hymen. Using of tampons can stretch or break the hymen but will not lead to losing your virginity at all. Using of a tampon is very safe, and it does not mean that you lose your virginity. In some cases, it is not necessary that tampon will break your hymen as many people using tampons are still virgin.  

You shouldn’t swim when you have periods

  1. This again is probably a fragment of the previously discussed myth.
  2. Tampons were introduced recently and it is absolutely safe to use them in water or while you swim.
  3.  Pads get soaked in water, which is what one worries about.
  4. Swimming doesn’t harm your body or obstruct periods in any way. It can sometimes ease your menstrual cramps.
  5. Be confident and carry on with your swimming classes.

Can you go swimming on your period without a tampon?

Although tampons are considered to be the better option to go swimming while on periods but it is not at all the end solution. You can also use a menstrual cup when you want to swim at the time of periods. Another option is that you can use period proof swimwear if you’re going to swim on your periods without a tampon. This swimwear is specially designed for those who do not want to use tampons at the time of doing swimming during periods. Using of tampons or not while swimming on periods is your personal choice and depends totally on you. The only thing you will face if you swim without tampon during periods is that it will be difficult for you to get in and out of the water. The moment you get out of pool your menstrual flow will start so for a safe side you should wear a tampon, or you should take any other option what you prefer the best for you.

Do periods stop in water or Pool?

Periods do not stop in water or pool, but water limits your flow. Any kind of water whether it is salt water, fresh water, hot water, pool water or cold water, the time you submerged in it all will have the same kind of reaction and will limit your flow for some duration.  Water pressure can stop your periods’ flow for some time while you swim but in cases like a cough, sneeze laugh then at that time pressure will change and a small amount of blood can be visible. So you can use tampons or menstrual cups instead of pads and panty liners as they are not a good option for swimming while on periods.

Does your period stop when you swim?

Periods do no stop completely while swimming but the menstrual flow get affected while you are swimming? Sometimes the flow stops due to water pressure, but in case you will sneeze, laugh the pressure will change again, and you can experience a flow again. You should use a tampon or a menstrual while you swim during periods to avoid staining. As it is said that as you enter the water for swimming the water pressure will obstruct the menstrual flow when floating horizontally but the time you stop swimming and stand then it will start again. Thus to avoid mess use tampon or menstrual cup at the time o swimming during periods.

Does period stop in the water

Periods do not stop in the water; however, the coating on the uterus carry out to shed. Owing to the counter-pressure of water the flow is obstructed and so did not enter the water. The position of flowing or else swimming is horizontal and so gravity cannot pull down and so it cannot draw your flow down. The time you discontinue swimming and stand for some minutes you periods will continue in a similar manner. Keep in main that this counter pressure not always stops the menstrual flow, but it entirely depends upon the woman to woman and also on the periods.


Menstrual blood is dirty blood

  1. Menstrual blood is not very different from normal blood.
  2. It consists of blood, uterus lining, fragments of egg and some secretions which together make it denser. But you need not be disgusted or feel gross about menstrual blood.
  3. Besides, menstrual blood serves as the nutritional channel for a fetus in the womb.

You should be resting when you have periods

  1. If your periods don’t give you troubles like pain, discomfort or fatigue, you can go ahead with all your routine activities.
  2. Being an active personality and following a fitness regime can actually deal with menstrual cramps effectively. Experts now advice teenagers and women to work out in order to avoid problems associated with periods.
  3. If you feel very uncomfortable during periods, there could be an underlying medical condition or lack of nutrition which causes distress. It is important to visit a doctor and get it diagnosed rather than rest throughout it.

Sleep during Periods

Proper sleep during periods is very important as a lack of sleep can lower your pain threshold and which will also lead to tiredness and restlessness. The hormonal changes have a wacky impact on your sleep pattern during your menstrual cycle. Some sleep a lot and some face lack of sleep during menstruation. It is necessary to know the main culprits of sleep disturbance during periods, and it’s essential to address them. Some reasons include a rise in body temperature, mood swings, indigestion, nausea, other stomach related issues, headaches, periods cramps.

A problem of Feeling sleepy during periods is reported by many women, and this is because of improper food choices and inadequate sleep. One more reason why women face this situation is lack of iron. Iron deficiency, i.e., anemia also makes you feel exhausted during period. Heavy menstrual flow leads to weakness and paleness and the reason that you feel so sleepy. On the other hand cramps and heavy flow leads to disturbance in sleep and so women feel tired and sleepy al throughout the day. So treat your body right to avoid feeling sleepy during periods. In case you are anemic then treat that condition by consuming iron-rich diet. These slight changes in your daily routine will do wonders.


Sleep a lot during the period

Some women face lack of sleep problems during periods but some report that they sleep a lot during period. Sleeping a lot during periods is due to firstly restless sleep and secondly bad food choices. The best way to deal with sleepless night during menstruation is to add some activities such as deep breathing and exercises before sleep.  Exercising will reduce PMS and also promotes better sleep during periods. Deep sleep also helps a reduction in fat, and it will also help in marinating a good periodic cycle too. Another reason is bad food choices which disturb your digestion process and leads to sluggish and overtiredness. For it, you should eat small and frequent meals all throughout the day to boost your energy levels. Consumption of protein-rich food will balance your blood sugar levels. So check your eating pattern during periods, and you will not feel sleepy all the time.

Sleeping positions for period cramps

Sleeping during menstruation is actually a challenge as these periods cramps keep you up all night in pain. There are many sleeping positions for period cramps, but sleeping in a fetal position will relieve cramps. This position is beneficial because the skeletal muscles which surround your abdomen will relax and decrease in tension will lessen your pain, and so you will experience fewer cramps. If you face a heavy menstrual flow during periods at night, then it can be because of your sleeping position. Never sleep on your stomach during periods as it is said to be the worst position to sleep during g periods. Sleeping on the stomach will cause pressure on your abdomen and which will lead to more bleeding and also leakage. So give your body proper care to get relieves from periods cramps while sleeping.

Does your period stop when you sleep?

Stopping of a period at night is just because of gravity as when you are standing gravity helps blood flow out, however, if lying down blood does not flow out as easily especially when you are experiencing heavy periods flow. As you wake up in the morning there will be hardly ant flow, but as you stand up, gravity starts its work. Many women experience heavy flow at night, so it totally depends on how your body shifts over the course of day and night known as circadian rhythms. Every period varies each other and it depend s on the level of bleeding and in what way your body shifts during night and day. So keep in mind that sleep variations in periods flow are frequent and depend on the shift in your behavior at night.


You may want to laugh off at the next six weirdest menstrual myths!

Women are dirty and untouchable when menstruating

  1. Though it is a very absurd assertion, it was believed in many cultures for a really long time.
  2. Women were made to stay in a hut or room outside the house during menstruation. They were not allowed to touch anyone or cook anything. During this time of the month, they were warded off from attending auspicious events and entering places of worship.
  3. Bits and pieces of these theories are still followed by women of this century as well.

If you go for a swim, sharks would attack you. Just want to take a stroll by the wood side? Bears would attack you.

  1. This is another bizarre piece of information that puzzles women even today.
  2. The basis was probably to prevent women from taking a swim or loafing around during their periods. And the best method was to induce fear.
  3. Surprisingly, the fear seems to be effective till date.

If you sleep next to other women during periods, it will spread to them as well

  1. First of all, periods are neither a disease nor contagious.
  2. It is noticed that women who live together or spend a lot of time with each other, have their cycles synced over time. This is scientifically understood to be the responsibility of pheromones.
  3. Syncing periods are observed a lot but that doesn’t mean one woman’s period is “passed on” to another.

When a woman menstruates, she is possessed by demons

  1. Women seem to get attacked by great many things during menstruation.
  2. Someone might have had to face severe mood swings to create the impression of being possessed.
  3. Kindly do not fall for such baseless opinions.

If a woman happens to cross the menstrual blood of another woman, she could turn infertile.

  1. Well, it doesn’t work that way. It has been tried numerous times and proved wrong with great success.
  2. Superstitions too need to have a limit.

Women shouldn’t take bath during periods

  1. Old wives tales are never ending.
  2. On the contrary, bathe at least once every day and keep yourself as clean as possible. Trust me; you wouldn’t want bad odor following you everywhere.

Bath during period

Not taking a bath during periods is one of the myths and taboos connected to periods. It’s definitely okay to bath during periods, and it should be encouraged .having a hot water bath during your periodic cycle will calm you and will leave you refreshed as well as relaxed. It will also relieve you from cramping aches during periods same as a hot water bag. Having bath during periods is also important because you should maintain proper hygiene and should also prevent yourself from infections as an unclean body during menstruation can lead to infections as well as rashes. So regular bathing during periods should be a priority for every girl. You should take some care while bathing during periods like if you want to bath in a tub, then you should clean yourself properly before you get into the tub. Taking a shower is the best way to take a bath during periods so try it as it will offer a relaxed body.


Does taking a bath stop your period?

Many women are confused regarding does taking a bath stop your period and the answer to it is no. At the time of bath, it seems like periods has stopped, but it actually has not stopped. It is a myth as the periods do not stop, however, it may not flow outside the vagina owing to counter pressure of water. The time when you are under a shower or in a bathtub your periods do not stop keep this in mind. It is just a counter pressure of water which stops flow in your vagina, and as you come out from the water, it again starts and will be back to normal. It is the due to gravity which does not let blood come out of the vagina at the time when you are in the water, but it does not mean that you should skip using a tampon or menstrual cup while swimming during periods.


How to take a bath on your period

Women frequently ask that how to take a bath on your periods? You can add many things to your bathing experience during g periods, and you can add oils, salts, bath bombs, bubbles and much more as bathing during menstruation offer many benefits which are not known by many women. Taking a hot bath during periods is best for your body and which provide you many benefits such as taking hot water bath during periods by adding salts and oils will increase circulation and also release inflammation from tissues. It also helps to improve circulation as well as heart health. It enables you to go get better sleep during the menstrual cycle as bathing soften muscles and offer you relaxation which leads to better and proper sleep during periods.

Try out a hot-water bath if you have cramps; it helps many women in easing menstrual pain.

Eating a Girl/woman out on her Period

Oral sex during periods

Oral sex during periods is a matter of personal choice for both. In the case of women they are more sexually aroused at the time of menstruation, and so they would welcome oral sex. It will be better to use a tampon or menstrual cup at the time of performing oral sex during the period’s .in reality actually it will not turn out to be that messy as you think. Period sex is hot, and men who do not bother by blood can please their lady by carrying out oral sex. Don’t avoid oral sex due to the incorrect beliefs, so enjoy every part of it.

What happens when a man eats period blood?

Nothing will happen if you try oral sex with a girl on her periods and after that man eats period blood. You will definitely enjoy it as when a woman is on her period her vaginal muscles feel tight and crampy and having oral sex at that time will be best. Men should not worry as regarding what will happen when a man eats period blood.

What happens if a man tastes period blood?

There will be nothing wrong with it is a man taste period blood during oral sex. It is perfectly fine if a man tastes period blood at the time of performing oral sex during periods. If both the partners are okay with it, then it will create no problem when it comes to health issues. Oral sex did not only mean inserting the tongue into vagina, but it also be done by touching to the clitoris and outer area.

Eating a girl out on her periods

There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating a girl out on her periods. There is nothing dirty in it and nothing disgusting in it. There is also nothing unhygienic in it if you carry on with oral sex with a girl on her periods. There is nothing wrong in it if the menstrual blood is on your tongue, hands or face .you can without any worry can lick and such a girl out on her periods. It is a matter of your personal choice as if you don’t care and she also doesn’t care then you can carry on with it. Eating a girl out on her periods is one of the best feelings for her as at that time she tends to be hornier. Always take a shower before having oral sex with your partner as it will be safe for both.

Here! We have triumphantly busted 13 superstitions that can now be dumped and trashed.

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