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Literally, the process of ending a pregnancy is termed as  Natural abortion. You may be amazed to know that abortion is the most common medical activity which is taken place in every part of the world openly, legally or secretly. Most of the abortion decisions are taken by the women when they get pregnant unwillingly.

In most parts of the world, the abortion is still considered an immoral act but even the number of abortions is increasing rapidly in every part of the globe whether abortion is legally allowed or not in that part. In the United States and in most parts of Europe including UK and Wales, abortion before six months is considered the right of a woman. They have legally allowed a woman to opt for abortion and she won’t be considered criminal at all for this doing.

One of the most alarming abortion facts is that only in UK and Wales there were recorded more than 1.9 million abortion cases in a single year.  The second highest abortion figure is in the USA where every year about 1.3 million females end their pregnancy because they don’t want to have a baby. The trend of abortion is increasing and the strange thing is that it’s increasing in the countries where it is not legally allowed like India where most of the women are forced to end the pregnancy when they come to know that there’s a girl in the womb.

Legal Facts about Abortion

As mentioned above, abortion is now legally allowed in most parts of the world as a fundamental right of a woman but it wasn’t so just 40 years before. It was American Supreme Court which for the very first time in 1973 allowed a woman to go for abortion. The woman got the liberty of abortion but there were few conditions annexed to this liberty. A strong protest against this law could be seen in every corner of United States so the Govt. made some amendments in this law. Finally, in 2003 “Partial Birth Abortion Ban 2003” was signed by George W. Bush and it was somehow satisfactory for the people of United States.

Abortion was allowed within the six months of pregnancy. Abortion was actually considered a sin. People used to think that it’s a murder of the baby who is coming to this world. Court tried to clear this concept by saying that non-viable fetus is not a person so abortion within six months won’t be a murder as the baby with less than six-month pregnancy cannot survive outside the womb. The law also imposed certain conditions for a woman to qualify for an abortion. Despite resistance, this law was welcomed in most parts of USA and then it traveled across the Atlantic and reached the UK and Europe. Abortion is now legal and the fundamental right of a woman in UK and Wales except in certain parts of Ireland abortion is still not a legal activity.

How many women seek abortion and when?

Here you will be revealed the amazing and shocking abortion facts. Various careful surveys and researches were conducted in every part of the world by various NGO’s and alarming figures and abortion facts came before us. As already told, about 1.9 million women seek abortion every year only in the United Kingdom while the figure is 1.3 million per year in the United States of America. Almost 40% of pregnant women are now opting for abortion which is an alarming figure.

The question arises that why woman seek the abortion? There can be numerous reasons that woman decides to end the pregnancy. This decision is not an easy one for any woman. The reasons behind this decision are different in different parts of the world. Like in Europe and US women end their pregnancy because they were not ready or they didn’t want pregnancy or the baby. The unwanted pregnancy is the main reason of abortion in every part of the world but the form country to country. In Asian countries most of the abortions are processed secretly as pregnancy before marriage is taken as a blob so that’s when a girl gets pregnant after having sex with her boyfriend, she runs for abortion. Most of such cases are observed in South Asian countries but the situation is entirely different in the West.

It’s a common fact that abortion is the easy and simple task if it is processed in the early stages of pregnancy and as the time passes, risk and complexity keep on increasing. The second reason for abortions in the early days of pregnancy is the unwanted pregnancy. Due to this reason, almost 60% of abortions were recorded in first 8 weeks of pregnancy while the figure goes down to 20% in 9 to 10 weeks and only 10% of abortion decisions are taken by the women in 11th and 12th week of pregnancy.

When we see the abortion facts and figures in age groups of women then we find little complex stats which are little different than anyone can expect. Abortions by teenage girls constitute the 20% of total recorded abortions while the figure goes up to 35% in the age group of 20 to 24 years. The most interesting abortion facts are that about 60% of women who seek abortion are those who already have kids. Contrast to this one, another fact is that about two third of pregnancy ending decisions were taken by the women who never got married. A major portion of this two third is by the women in the United States where marriage is taken as just a formality but not necessary, unlike Asian countries where pregnancy without marriage is still considered a sin.


Abortion is not so complicated procedure which can be the main reason that women find it easy and end their pregnancy. The medical abortion takes only a couple of days to pass pregnancy while this whole procedure can be done in just a couple of days if you opt for surgical abortion. There are no side effects if abortion is done in the early days of pregnancy.

Abortion has now become the most common medical procedure all over the world and abortion is performed in every part of the world secretly or legally. Hope you would have read and found it valuable.

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