Osteopathy in children and infants

Osteopathy in children and infants

Kids are alive and just learning to move, so they mumble and collide all the time. Birth is also a heavy strain on a child’s soft body. All of these situations cause misalignment and pressure on the child’s skull and spine, among other things. Because the human body is wise, it can often adapt to ailments.

Over the years, however, the effect of error positions accumulates. Pediatric osteopathy treats these malformations and it is best if the osteopathic examination is part of a child’s regular health care.

In this way, the child’s body gets rid of the incorrect positions at regular intervals, which also reduces the long-lasting effects and the child’s overall well-being is optimal. Because the problems can be treated quickly, the child’s body can use all its energy to grow and develop.

Osteopathic treatment is useful in situations such as eating problems, asthma, difficulty sleeping, difficulty breathing, colic, hyperactivity, nocturnal enuresis, and irritability.

An osteopath will correct the child’s body malfunctions with gentle and safe treatment. Often, Vauvojen Osteopatia Helsinki is quite gentle and uses effective cranial techniques. 

These techniques take advantage of the body’s own deep movements, including the skull bones, sacrum in the pelvis, central nervous system, meninges, and spinal cord, and the entire central nervous system. In cranial treatment, the body is brought into a normal state with little contact without producing pain.

Please note that the treatment of babies only takes a short time due to the softness and sensitivity of the body. The hour set aside for treatment includes plenty of time for things like breastfeeding, changing diapers, getting dressed, and other things in your baby’s life.

Our reception has toys for children and a potty in the sanitary facilities, as well as a changing table. Welcome! 

Osteopathy is a manual form of treatment designed to examine, treat, and prevent functional disorders and pain in the joints and soft tissues of the body. An osteopath specializes in the use of joint manipulation and soft tissue therapy as a method of treatment. Osteopathy can treat a wide range of body ailments and disorders and is suitable for all ages. 


During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through the biggest postural changes in her life. In addition, a lot of physical, mental, and hormonal changes take place during it. Osteopaths for years have been treating aches and pains caused by changes in posture and weight before and after pregnancy.

As the child grows, the focus of the mother’s body changes week by week. Thus, different areas of the body are also loaded in a new way, causing possible aches and pains.

Osteopathy can be used to treat disorders of the pregnant body. Caring for a mother during pregnancy is also about caring for the baby. When the dysfunction of the mother’s body is treated, the fetus also has better conditions to grow and develop in the mother’s stomach.

An osteopath can help the body adapt better to physical changes during pregnancy by helping the joints and muscles exposed to stress to function better. Osteopathy can also normalize the body’s fluid circulation and thus reduce the amount of swelling.

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