Questions To Ask Your knee Replacement Surgeon Before The Surgery


Knee replacement can be a tough (and scary) decision. Before undergoing knee surgery, the surgeon will conduct several preoperative tests to ensure you are the right candidate for the treatment. However, the professional takes all the possible precautionary measures, but it is essential to discuss the surgery with your surgeon for self-assurance.  

You may consider asking the following questions from the surgeon before making the final decision.  

What is the best available knee replacement option for the given condition? 

There are various knee surgery options; each varies from one another, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition, age, and current physical condition. The different surgical options available include Total knee replacement, Knee osteotomy surgery, and partial knee replacement. The surgeon customizes the treatment according to the issues faced by the patient.

What procedures are recommended before knee surgery?

Arthroscopic surgery, hyaluronic acid injections, and steroid are the standard procedures recommended before the surgery. There are alternatives like to prolotherapy and acupuncture to manage the knee issues. But they are ideal for strengthening connective tissue. But they may not be effective in severe cartilage damage. Declining/delaying knee surgery could worsen the condition.

What are the general post-surgery complications? 

Knee surgery comes with low chances of complications. However, it’s in rare cases, but the patient may face issues like knee infection, knee damage, blood clots, or tissue damage around the knee. This eliminates the chances of complications. Besides, the rule of thumb says approach an experienced surgeon for the treatment for good results. 

You may ask about the necessary information related to the surgery. Like – about the size and place of the incision, surgeon’s surgical approach, and planning. If you want, you may do your research about the surgery and general healthcare post-surgery.

What is the pain level after knee surgery?

The pain level depends on the surgery type and complication level of the patient’s condition. Best knee replacement hospital in India offers high-class treatment to their patientsThey give pain medications for controlling the swelling and pain while the patient is in the hospital post-surgery. If need be, they follow up with their patients after discharge. 

What are the methods of fixing knee implants?

Knee implants are made of medical-grade metal and plastic. There are two methods for implanting these components to the patient’s bone – bone cement application and the cement-less approach. The former process takes approximately 15 minutes, and the latter uses porous components that attach to bone or grow into bone tissue. If needed, a surgeon may apply both these techniques for a patient’s surgery.

What happens once the surgery is completed?

A bandage is tied over the knee portion where surgery is conducted to keep the implant in place and to drain to excess fluid from the patient’s joint. Generally, the knee is cradled and elevated in a CPM (continuous passive motion) machine, which flexes and extends the patient’s leg gently he’s laid down. Plus, the medical staff helps and encourages the patient for a slow walk for quick recovery from the condition. 

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