Review of Chivalry 2. A Cool Simulator of a Medieval Rubilov With a Number of Serious Flaws

Review of Chivalry 2. A Cool Simulator of a Medieval

At first glance, Chivalry 2  may seem like only a modernized version of its predecessor. The rebellious Order of the Masons continues to converge with the Knights of Agatha in F95zonenot-burdened with plot intricacies. As a rule, one of the parties besieges some location, while the other has to fight back. 

The game copes with the immersion in the atmosphere of medieval battles with a bang. The air on the battlefields is cut by the screams and clanking of metal, blood flows like a river, and the juicy sounds of flesh cut by steel caress the ear. 

The core of the gameplay is still hand-to-hand combat in a wall-to-wall format with an emphasis on timing and anticipating enemy behavior. Chopping enemies to pieces and dodging their attacks in time is still fun. But the combat system itself and the classes of fighters have undergone several extremely important changes.

All four classes introduced in the original game – shooter, vanguard fighter, infantryman, and knight – received three subclasses each, for a total of twelve basic builds. Each of them has its own arsenal and has both passive and active abilities. 

For example, the archer can now be an archer, crossbowman, and warrior. With the first two, everything is more or less clear, but the third class is one of the most interesting in the game and is a hybrid build. His main weapons – darts and throwing axes – are good for both ranged and melee combat, inflicting substantial damage, but have extremely meager ammunition.

At the same time, the archer knows how to place traps with thorns and braziers on the battlefield, from which you can set fire to arrows; The crossbowman has a portable shelter at his disposal, behind which he can hide even in an open field, and sets up banners that restore the health of his followers. The Warrior, on the other hand, carries a small shield and can attack in a running jump, forcing enemies to stagger.

Somewhere the possibilities of the fighters overlap, but in general, each of them feels really unique and offers a particular style of play. Do you want to rush into the front line at high speed, sweeping away nearby enemies? Flank them with HuniePop 2? Maintain the breakout at a second pace? 

Hold the front line with a tower shield at the ready? Or, perhaps, to hide at some distance behind shelters, meanly shooting enemy formations? The Chivalry 2  you in any case there is a place on the battlefield, and that’s fine.

The sequel retained the familiar melee framework (three types of attacks, each of which can be enhanced, plus a kick and a throw), but many of the mechanics have been heavily reworked. Dodge and the ability to heal yourself once are now available to all classes. 

After receiving a fatal wound, you can restore health by delivering a couple of accurate hits or by getting help from an ally. The arsenal of attacks has been replenished with a quick poke, capable of interrupting an enemy combo. 

Each type of melee weapon received a special technique that takes a long time to charge, but if it hits, it won’t seem like a little. The most important and most controversial change was the new blocking system. Now your hero can hold the block not for a couple of moments, as in the first part, but for several seconds.

Some fans have accused the developers in advance of rendering the game, but in fact, the new mechanics have their own balance (not to mention that it is simply more logical). First, when the weapon is raised, stamina is consumed, and blocked hits reduce it even more. 

Empty the scale – get ready to receive a visor. Secondly, you still have to aim at the enemy’s weapon for a successful block, and counterattacks and parries still require accurate timing, so that the exactingness of the player is still there. 

However, connoisseurs of Medieval Warfare will take time to get used to the new accents. For example, deceptive movements are no longer as strong as before, but the ability to competently move around the enemy, attacking unprotected parts of the body, has become much more important. But overall, the Eldritch Blast 5ecombat system will be equally easy to master for both novice and veteran. But to achieve perfection in it will be much more difficult.


It is difficult to judge the intricacies of the balance for a couple of days of the game, but there were no serious imbalances in this regard. When it comes to calculating hits and collisions, the game is rarely to blame on this front. For 14 hours of gameplay, situations in which I wanted to cry out: “ Why the hell did I not hit ?! “Appeared only occasionally. 

In such cases, the replay function would not hurt, in which it would be possible to understand for sure – was the player was mistaken or the game engine worked so strangely? But much more often in case of death, you have to blame yourself. But the emotional balance helps to restore episodes when alone it is possible to mow several enemies in a row at once.

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