Safe and Unsafe Medication During Pregnancy

Your pregnancy may make you and others excited, but few pleasant and unpleasant situation at this stage is only realized by the one who is pregnant and not others. When you are pregnant you might suffer from few of the problems that are faced by all the woman in this situation, but if you suffering is more than others due to some health disorder then it may happen that medicines can be the only solution.

However, medicines are just like an enemy when a woman is carrying a fetus in her womb because the body is not in the same position as it was before, it is now, going through several changes. Therefore, for the good health of you and the baby taking a right medicine with the consult of the doctor is very important.

We have some good advice for you on this page, it will take a little time but, go through them as these advice may help you to take some of the major decisions about safe and unsafe medication at the time of pregnancy and stay fit.


Avoid OTC

OTC medicine should be avoided when pregnant

Do you know what OTC medicine are? The full-form of OTC medicine is Over-the-counter, that means medicines that are sold direct by the retailers to the customers. Very often we need these medicines like when we are tired or had a minor stomach ache or nausea for just a couple of times in a day. In such cases, we never want to spend our precious time as well as money by visiting the doctor, but go for the OTA. However, do you know that while pregnancy these are just like unsafe medication that means such risk need to be avoided because OTA tablets or liquids are not safer for your health or for the fetus? You might have prescription and argument ready for few of the medicines like they suit your body and you get well soon after taking it, but remember not to take the risk as now things are changing and your body is not same as it was before.

Some people have the trick of reading the packet before usage and few pregnant lady also prefer to read the assurance or disclaimer that is mentioned at the top of the packet to check that whether that is for the pregnant lady or not. But this is not correct, you cannot take medicines without the consult of any doctor.

Although you have visited the doctor, but make sure to tell him all the things to ate or did before you have got to that health problem and do not forget to tell that you are pregnant!

When Should you Take Help Of Drugs And Medication During Pregnancy?

Medicines are not fun and strictly not when you are pregnant! Any medicine cannot be taken with the choice of yours, but in a very rare case if you think that you cannot get well unless you opt for medicine only then you should go for it. Like, few people are eager to visit the doctor for simple causes, so that they are not harmed, but you need to chance your attitude at such situations.

If you are suffering from a cough and cold or you have swelled leg just because you have worked a lot and they are paining badly. Please ignore going to the doctor for such simple causes as such things can be treated at home by following some home remedies like take warm water for drinking, massage your body with oil for pain relief and most important you should take rest properly.

However, in few cases medication is the only option, so at that time, you can visit a good doctor who is the specialist in this field and take those medicines which he will prescribe you.

Important Aspects of Drugs During Pregnancy

You should always try to take care of you and your baby without taking anything that may harm you and the upcoming. Here we have few tips you should know when you are pregnant as this will increase your knowledge and help you and your baby to stay healthy.

The Initial Stage of Pregnancy

folic acid medicine should be avoided

Just from the day you got to know that you are pregnant, try as much as possible to stay far away from the medicines and even if you have to take any in a major case just try to consult with your doctor.

Actually, this is very important in the initial stage of pregnancy to take care of yourself at home by eating healthy food and strictly avoid medicines because folic acids in tablets and more other chemicals tend to harm the child. The initial stage of pregnancy is the time when the fetus starts to develop brain and other organs and such tablets may harm the development.

Vitamin Supplements and Medicines

multivitamin tablets for pregnat woman

When a lady gets pregnant apart from other pleasant and unpleasant changes in the body she also gets low pressure as the body needs to take care of the two at that part of time. However, nowadays doctors prescribe lots of multivitamin tablets to the lady for caring both the child and the mother.

However, you should never go to the medicine store and buy vitamin tablets of your own wish, there should be always a consult from the doctor for every medicine you take.


Ongoing Health Problems

pregnancy doctor checkup

If you are suffering from plenty of health problems during this time then you should consult a good doctor for the best treatment. If problems like depression arrive they the best solution to it is doing exercises in the morning that too after the guidance of an expert.

Don’t take Medicine for Digestion Problems

drinking plenty of water may not disturb digestion

Problems like constipation, hemorrhoids etc. are very common during pregnancy as the intestines are compressed by the womb which is carrying the new one. However, this is not such complex situation that makes you run to the doctor.

  • Take fiber rich food to avoid indigestion
  • Drink plenty of water

Avoid Medicine for curing Pain

headache duriing pregnancy

Another common problem must be headaches and other pains like body ache etc. but do not go for tablets and pain relieving spray or tonics.

  • You can use herbal balms made at home or you can go for ayurvedic balms.
  • Do not purchase or consume OTC medicine that can also lead to miscarriage
  • When your pain becomes unbearable your doctor might prescribe safe drugs to take during pregnancy.
  • In a rare scenario, you must consult the doctor and take prescribed medicines for the safe treatment.

Vaccines And Immunizations


Many times you need to go for the vaccination and immunization which is not at all a good decision when you are pregnant.

  • This may harm your child because it is still not ready to compromise with all such chemicals.
  • Unless you are aware of its safety do not even think of it.


Herbal Medicines


  • Few fruits and vegetables which are rich in Vitamin C should be avoided at times of initial pregnancy as this can lead to miscarriage. Similarly, there are many herbal products that have the tendency to relax the uterus and abort the child or leads to early labor, thus, such herbs should be avoided.
  • Unless a specialist advice you of taking the herbs you should not go for it.

Alternative Therapies

exercises during pregnancy

There are so many therapies when you are pregnant to apply in the early stage accept allopathic like

  • Yoga meditation, relaxation, hypnotism if suggested at this time can also help you a lot.
  • Practices like acupressure and acupuncture can be helpful in curing nausea in initial stages of pregnancy.
  • Chiropractic manipulation is good to cure back problems.

I hope, you now know what is better for you!

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