Summer Is Here

Summer Is Here

This is the first week of Summer vacation for my little girl, and it is always during this time that I reflect on just how thankful I am to have my own business!

I recall a time not so long ago when my daughter would get out of school and I would take her to summer daycare. The long lazy days of summer did not belong to me then. Instead, a 1.5-hour commute, working 8 hour days, followed by another 1.5-hour commute, and getting home after dinner time was what my summer looked like during the week. That, and spending $900 a month on daycare for July and August.

My daughter had fun with her friends enjoying the daily trips to the park and beaches, but I missed out on those times with her.

When I decided to start my life as a VA, summer changed – immensely.

Initially, I still had to work on a schedule that was set by my employer, but the best part was when I decided to go on my own and start my own business. It was then I was able to control my schedule, who I work for, and when.

Now my summers consist of getting up super early or sometimes staying up a little later, getting my client’s work out of the way, and then having the whole day to spend with my daughter. We get to go to the parks and the beaches together, or even just hang out on our hobby farm with our animals.

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If you are a parent, you will realize how just how quickly kids grow! They are born and then in the blink of an eye, they are nine!

I want to spend as much time enjoying my daughter while she is young and here with me. Before I know it, she will be grown and starting her own life.

This is why it is super important for me to share with others the opportunity that is out there to create my own work. So many moms (and dads) who wish to spend more time with their kids have an opportunity just waiting for them. What skills do you have right now that you could use to translate into your own online business?

If you have administrative skills, or creative skills, social media, website building – the list goes on.

You don’t have to be stuck in a 9-5 job! You can leave that 9-5 and still earn a great living working for yourself. You can create more time for you and your family to do the things you love.

There is no better time to get in on this opportunity either. If you have noticed, many large companies are starting to create remote positions for their employees. They are realizing the benefits of having employees work remotely, saving the companies thousands in overhead!

So, if you have administrative skills, this is your chance to become a Virtual Assistant and market your skills to such companies with forward-thinking. They realize the benefits of remote employees, and how much more the benefits of contracted service providers!

Other online business opportunities await you too! You are only limited by your own imagination!

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