The E-cigarette: What Makes it Popular Among the Youth?

Vaping took the world by storm when it first came out about a decade ago. As its flavored, nicotine-less vapour continues to rise, so does its popularity, especially among young adults. Sales are continually increasing despite setbacks experienced by the vaping industry last year and the resistance it encountered at the onset and is continuing to face.

What are e-cigarettes?

The e-cigarette is known by many names. Some call it vape, hit, or cloud. Whichever the term is, what stays the same is the open acceptance it got from budding teens. Those who have tried traditional tobacco products see it as a safer alternative.

Vaping is done by inhaling flavored aerosol from a vaping device, such as a vape pen, an e-pipe, or an e-cigarette. These battery-operated devices heat a liquid that does not contain nicotine, except for countries where nicotine in vape is not banned. It also contains other ingredients, such as the flavors and other chemicals, which, when heated, produces a vapor that can be inhaled like smoking a cigarette.

What makes vaping such a big hit to the young people of today?


Aside from being marketed as a safer alternative to cigarette smoking, e-cigarettes nowadays are packaged as candy-flavored juices in a customized device called a mod. Vaping mods come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs that can easily attract a young market. The promotion of e-cigarettes includes using cartoon-like characters on colorful packaging. These are undoubtedly attractive and exciting for the younger demographic. Some brands are turning to social media for advertisements and promotions of new products. The internet has expanded the reach of the vape industry, enabling it to reach the younger crowd.

A vaping beginner could first try a starter kit with a reliable battery pack, flavours, and a durable mod. Part of the fascination with vaping is often the vape cloud experienced smokers are able to make. The vape cloud of a novice may not be that big initially, but as a vaper gains more experience, he learns the proper technique to produce much bigger vape clouds.

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Many vape users are traditional cigarette smokers who want to quit. But the younger generation of vapers has its own reasons for vaping. A good percentage of young adults like vape because of the different flavour choices, including fruits, bubblegum, and even coffee. Some are attracted to the ability to do vape cloud tricks, which can be fascinating for non-smokers. Others like the unique designs, which make them feel confident and in style. Some also admit trying vape due to peer pressure. They ended up liking the initial experience and took up vaping on their own.

What is next for vaping?

The e-cigarette has evolved, and the technology is still continuously improving. Each brand is always looking for an edge to attract customers, with new designs that go beyond the basic look of a vape mod. With a better mod design, the vaping experience would also get better, so you can expect that vaping is more than just a fad. As long as vape manufacturers are still discovering new ways of improving the vape industry, vaping is here to stay.

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