“Marketing must become more measurable!” So I can’t hear it anymore! Agencies are constantly obliged to prove whether our ideas and ideas have paid off.

But are nearly always left alone with it. Hand on heart! only a few of our customers can link automation tools, order platforms, CRM, and ERP systems in such how that a traceable connection between campaigns and sales is often established. Tools that show what action a sale was based on? Nothing! When asked several times what our campaign has brought us, we get the subsequent answers:

  • in 40% of the cases shrug
  • in 30% of the cases “Good idea. can we need to ask sales! “
  • in 20% of the cases “For this we might need to compare our CRM with the ERP. But there’s no time immediately ”

Only about 10% of our customers can give us more or less well-founded answers. But why is it so difficult?

The solution to all or any transparency problems: Marketing Automation! If you think of some providers, you merely introduce their solution and therefore the sky will open! you’ll have guessed it: in fact, this is often nonsense! don’t get me wrong.

Marketing automation may be a beneficial invention. But an ROI doesn’t fall from these tools either! and positively not automatically. Because one thing remains very unclear.11362548-ROI – return-of-investment-concept-in-word-tag-cloud-on-white-background how exactly can we measure? And what? within the past, marketing campaigns were often measured by what percentage leads they produced.

That was easy to count, but it always falls short. Seen during this way, you should not worry about classic advertising, PR, or maybe social media. aside from the very fact that in B2B capital goods marketing you’ve got to convince entire buying centers (specialist departments, purchasing, management, etc.). That takes months or maybe years. A company-wide storage solution is simply not an impulse purchase.

I have a suggestion that we are already putting into practice for our customers! Anyone who is really already involved in marketing automation knows the likelihood of lead scoring & lead rating. The marketers find it an “incredible relief”. Because now the transfer of results in sales can finally be organized!

Leads are not any longer transferred too early or too late! (So much for the idea. In practice, these are rather long, emotional, and agonizing coordination processes until it really works!) But if you’ll evaluate leads in terms of sales, then you’ll also evaluate “EVERY” interaction with their prospects or customers in monetary terms.

That too is anything but easy. and positively not done quickly in the least. But the result’s well well worth the effort. One sees, what communication costs from the primary contact to the simplest lead score. And also in customer development from one-time customers to regular customers! And suddenly the lead funnel gets price tags! If you implement this consistently, you’ll know after a couple of quarters what proportion budget is required to fill the lead funnel.

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Speaking of the budget. it is a shame that our customers do not believe us: for instance, once we give them prices for goals they need to realize. But somehow understandable. you’ll now build up the know-how yourself. Marketing automation can help with this.

Almost 100 years ago Ford is claimed to possess said: “I know half my advertising is money thrown away. I just do not know which half ”. What does one think? What would Ford say today?

Your Philipp Brüggen

PS: Another problem why marketing is difficult to measure: It starts with the very fact that the expectations of campaigns are often completely wrong. it’s not uncommon for us to be asked to develop a campaign that makes awareness, changes attitudes, and generates leads.

It might be as if a driving instructor asked us to drive forwards, sideways and backward at an equivalent time! Such a campaign doesn’t exist (because the ways and means are completely different for these goals!) Or doesn’t do what the customer expects. a subject for an additional blog post!

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