This is where the tools and protocols to manage health problems come in.

This is where the tools and protocols to manage health problems come in.

Take me for an example. I developed a digestion problem out of nowhere a couple of years ago. I was burping a lot and experiencing acid reflux after eating foods that previously I could eat without any health issues. I saw a gastroenterologist and got all sorts of blood tests done that were all clear.

I wasn’t sleeping well and felt my shoulders were always very tense. Every day I woke up feeling I had been in a battleground at night. And whenever I had some sleep it was very light and full of vivid dreams.

I had no apparent “cause” of all these symptoms that I was experiencing and felt stuck for what steps I needed to take to fix all these problems. Studying to become a health coach was a true transformation for me.

By designing the right protocol for my unique body which I now offer as part of my 90 Day Total Health & Lifestyle Transformation Program to my clients, I finally had an action plan to follow that allowed me to eliminate possible causes of all the symptoms 1 by 1.

Within months, my burping had reduced and acid reflux became an occasional thing rather than something that occurred on regular basis. In just a few months I’ve achieved phenomenal success in my health that I couldn’t for many years before. I feel better every day.

Let me talk a little bit more about “no apparent cause” of symptoms that we may experience. With my gut issue, I became extremely frustrated. Quite often I felt that I was getting nowhere with the results.

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Everything seemed fine yet I was burping and getting acid reflux. Let me give you another example. When we get a headache, often we will instantly treat it with a couple of pain killer tablets. But do we ever think about what caused the headache in the first place? Often there is nothing wrong at all. Sometimes people wake up with a headache.

Sometimes people have had a busy day and end up getting a headache towards the end of the day. Why? If you dig deep there may be many factors at play. A person waking up with a headache didn’t get much or any sleep at night. Why didn’t they sleep well at night?

A person who ends up getting headaches towards the end of the day due to a busy schedule may not be drinking enough water. They might be running on adrenaline all day or just sitting at a computer without stretching and taking the time to relax.

The fact is that there can be so many underlying triggers at play and sometimes it is hard to pinpoint what caused the health issue in the first place.

I first learned about Sympathetic Dominance a few years ago. Once I researched more on SD, I knew straight away I needed to dig deeper than just looking at the symptoms of my health issues and only treating the symptoms. For example, I had regular chiropractor adjustments to relieve the stiffness in my next and shoulders.

I would feel great after the adjustment but a few days later, my neck and shoulders would go back to being tense again. I felt like I was wasting my money. That is because I had been treating the problem in isolation. I had tense shoulders, insomnia, and felt fatigued all the time.

Little did I know that these symptoms were connected and a result of SD. My tense shoulders were a result of a lack of sleep. Lack of sleep was due to me running on adrenaline every day resulting in being tired all the time. I knew I had a problem and I was treating each problem separately without getting any positive outcome.

Sympathetic Dominance is when our Sympathetic Nervous System is running on a survival mode. Survival mode can be our body’s in-flight or in fight response to something that causes stress. It could be the body tensing up and becoming ready to protect itself from possible danger.

When this happens sole focus of our body becomes to defend itself from an adverse situation or physical or emotional stress. During this state, the body will not care about the digestive, reproductive, or immune system.

This is fine if this response is short-lived. However, if our body is always in survival mode, it becomes a problem and this is where most of the health issues can stem from.

That is why you must empower yourself with the knowledge and tools that will help you recognize the issue and help you get back into control and enjoy a healthy life. Depending on the severity of your health issue, it may take a few weeks or a few months to see any positive outcome.

The key is perseverance and knowing what steps to take to see a positive outcome. Yes, our lives are busy and demanding and it is almost impossible to lead a stress-free life every day. It comes down to how to manage the stress levels and how to switch in-flight or in fight mode to bring back the equilibrium in your mental, chemical and physical health.

This is where you can achieve phenomenal results with a help of a Health Coach. You will be surprised how some of the things that I coach my clients on are so simple yet they achieve far greater results if done with the right system in place.

When the underlying functions of your body are well and working as they should, you will feel good and achieve optimal health. Yes, our goal should always be to reach optimal health no matter what our age is and to maintain it, no matter what your health condition is, no matter what health issues you’re facing. Know that you can always improve your health and there are ways to change the course of your health towards you becoming fitter and healthier.

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