7 Tips for Starting Yoga for the First Time

7 Tips for Starting Yoga for the First Time

If you are struggling with sleepless nights or self-doubt, or any other mental health issues, Yoga is a great place to start to cope up with all those anxious thoughts.

Yoga would make you feel healthier, stronger, and happier. Thesis writing services prepared seven tips for the beginners who do not know where to start, or who feel that reading the Yoga related books is just too much for them

Accept your reality

The first tip for beginners is that you need to accept reality. Yoga is more than just exercise. It teaches you a way of being. It would help if you stopped whining about the things you could have done, or the things you could have said to someone when they hurt you.

Rather take a moment to appreciate all the good things that you have come across in your life. Try and appreciate the body that you have, exactly as it is. 

Stop Expecting

Expecting something from someone can be extremely tiring.  Once you have accepted your reality, you would begin to feel that your expectations are beginning to slip away.

Getting yourself in the right mindset is much more important than physical exercise. First, you will need to prepare your mind, and then your mind will prepare your body. 

Find your inner strength

As mentioned earlier, before you begin your physical exercises, you will need to complete certain mental exercises. You will initially need to understand the core of Yoga.

Yoga is all about meditation, finding you inner peace, and your inner strength. It is not all about that extreme flexibility, rather it is about the creation of freedom in your body. 

Observe your Breathing

Learning to be aware of your breathing is essential. If you can notice your breathing, the way you inhale and exhale, it will help you out in reducing your stress. You will be able to fall asleep faster than before.

It is not necessary to learn those complex poses as a beginner but learning to breathe properly is important for beginners. 

Try to be present

It is not easy to sit still or be present mentally these days. All we want to do is move around all the time. After we are tired of moving around and sit, our hands begin to drum our knees. We do not feel comfortable.

We would take out our phone and start switching from one app to another or start thinking about something someone said to us in the morning or start to watch TV, or start doing it all together, all at once.

We need to learn to be present at the moment. That is one of the most basic tenets of Yoga. Try to get comfortable in stillness. Do not let your mind wander around all the time. 

Try to learn basic poses for Yoga

Once you have completed your mental exercises, you can start learning the basic poses for Yoga. You can do this by watching the basic Yoga poses on YouTube.

You start with postures or as they call them ‘yoga asanas’ such as a child’s pose and savasana. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you keep pressing your hands or feet into the floor. This would help you lengthen your spine and relax your hips. 

Find a good Yoga instructor

Now, as you are ready, you will need to find a good yoga instructor. If you feel that you are anxious to start, you should go and meet your yoga instructor and tell him or her about yourself.

If you explain to them that you are too nervous to start, the instructor will make sure that you do not struggle and might end up adjusting for you throughout the class. 

In a nutshell, Yoga is not about the exercise alone. A large part of yoga deals with mental exercises. Keep in mind that physical exercise is just one of the eight limbs of Yoga.

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