How to Reduce Upper Tummy And Overall Body Fat?

In the current times, the majority of the population is working from home. That mostly involves sitting in front of a screen, be it a laptop or a desktop. People are managing their businesses from home, writing content, publishing videos and whatnot. Although this might be keeping them safe from the virus that is lingering around, it is not so good in other perspectives. Following a sedentary lifestyle decreases the metabolism rate of our body.

It results in food being stored more and utilized less. That is the reason why people across the globe are reporting that their weight is on the rise. Also, weight here refers to body fat, which is not at all healthy. You can search Reduce Upper Tummy as well.

The global lockdown might have contributed to your fat gain journey

Just a few months ago, all of us witnessed a global lockdown. All the streets, cities, states and countries were shut entirely. So were the gyms, public parks, and exercise lounges. You might have been a victim of this or heard it from your friends or family.

Even those who are in the fitness industry, several boy builders who publish regular videos on social media sites, said that they gained some weight as well. It is nothing but natural. You might not feel motivated enough to work out or have the right equipment and space. The unprecedented outcome is increased body fat.

You might carry different fat in different parts of your body

Depending upon your genes and body condition, you will gain fat in certain parts of your body faster than the other will. Some gain fat very fast in the chest area, some gain in the thighs as well. The majority say that they gain belly fat at a rapid pace. It is relatively easy to lose fat if you have been in a lower body fat percentage. However, keep in mind, there is no such thing as spot reduction.

If you want to Reduce Upper Tummy, you have to lose fat from all your body. A prevalent myth that exists is if someone wants to reduce belly fat, he or she shall do many crunches. That is certainly not true. While doing crunches would strengthen your core, it would not decrease your fat percentage. It would make you look better.

How to lose body fat?

The only thing that would help you lose fat is being in a calorie deficit diet. Our body needs a certain number of calories or energy to function normally. If you ate more than this amount, your body would store the extra food or energy in the form of fat. The required amount of calories is called maintenance calories. It is only by eating less than this amount; one can reduce his or her overall body fat percentage.

  • First, calculate your maintenance calories. Use the formula that is available on the internet.
  • After you have that number with yourself, start measuring the calories in each thing you eat throughout the day. You can also design a diet for yourself, in which you would know the total number of calories that you are eating. It would also help you Reduce Upper Tummy.
  • Make a training schedule for yourself, which helps you burn more calories. Eating less and burning more would help you achieve your goal in less time.

This would not be a natural thought. You would have to show real control and discipline. Saying no to your favorite dessert might take a lot of you. However, you have to do it for yourself. It takes seven thousand calories to shred a kilo of body fat off your body. Either deal with it or stay in the same shape you are, your choice!

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