Top 10 Kick Scooter Health Benefits for Adults

We all know that scooter is kids’ staple toys. However, the modern lifestyle has shifter the function of scooter for originally as a toy into an effective way of transportation. For people with high mobility, getting active and fast is not something to bargain. Then the adult scooter comes into the trend for an effective transportation mode with health benefits.

Many people simply considered that adult scooter is a momentary trend like Selfie stick. However, besides the trend, there are numerous health benefits for kicking the scooter ranging from fat burning to improve overall health. So, here are the benefits of riding a scooter for adults.

Burn Fat  

Kicking scooter is indeed another form of exercise. That being said that scooting is a low-intensity and low-impact exercise which makes the heart rate stays in 60-70%. It is the good rate for burn some fat. More about this heart rate, kicking in scooter does not subject to fatigue. Some experts may even reveal that the calories burnt while during scooter can be the same as riding a bicycle or running. For one-hour scooter ride, you can burn around 800k calories. However, similar to other types of exercise, you can definitely burn some fat by riding scooter only when you do it in a regular cycle and commit to a healthy diet as well.

If you want faster fat burning, the experts suggest riding a scooter an hour before breakfast. This method is good to train the body’s metabolism system to burn more fat. Plus, if you do a short (around 30 minutes) fasted riding scooter session, the body will use more fat stored in the muscle as fuel.

Increase Core Strength

How often do you think you sit up or plank in a week? Those two exercises are great to increase core strength, however, if you do not have the time, you can ride a scooter instead. The good news is you can ride a scooter to increase core strength as you engage to balance it along the way. When riding a scooter, you have to stabilize your movement while standing in the scooter place in which it is positive demand for the muscle. Certainly having a good foundation of the muscles around back, stomach and pelvis may protect against possible back problems.

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Safe and Easy

This may not be considered as kick scooter health benefits, but we all know that riding a scooter is safe and easy. No one needs a tutorial on how to ride a scooter. You can ride the scooter all the way to commute to work, to the part, or simply as an exercise. Even though it is safe, you still need to consider the personal safety such as adding lights to the scooter or even wearing a helmet. Well, no one expects to get involved in accidents but it is better to be prepared.

Easy Recovery

If you are currently doing workout program and recommended to do low-intensity exercise as recovery session, scooter riding can be a great option. Riding scooter is considered low-impact exercise without putting additional stress on the muscle but still will train. Plus, riding scooter also promotes better blood flow as well as nutrients delivery to help faster body recovery.

Great Bum and Thigh

If you think of having a great bum, think of kicking scooter as a nice kicking exercise. If kicking in the scooter is your first time, you may find your bum and thigh aches this is because the muscle in the areas is engaging in the exercise. Also, make sure to swap legs during riding scooter for even workout.

Stability Challenge

Some adults may have a problem with stability due to any reasons such as pregnancy, accidents, and more. If you want to regain stability, riding scooter can be a great choice for other exercises. Scooter for a workout is great because it is a type of low impact activity but still beneficial to regain stability especially if you are still not allowed doing heavier exercise. To regain stability, you can try 3 kicks left, then swap to 3 kicks right, or find your own rhythm. Once you find your rhythm, try to ride a scooter on a regular basis and fell the core muscle engaging.   

Good for Light Exercise

Sometimes, we just feel too tired to do heavy exercise because of a busy schedule or something. But, exercise regularly is not something to bargain if you want a healthier body. During busy schedule or lazy days, you can choose to ride a scooter for a light exercise. It will not make you sweat as much as riding a bicycle but it still makes your muscles do its job.

Toning up

Movement coordination, weight loss, and a great body, as well as strengthened muscle, are definitely the top kick scooter health benefits. This is not to mention that you tone up the upper and lower body which helps prevent varicose veins and other health problems.

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Healthy Movement

Instead of consistent kicking, you can also combine other healthy movements during scooter riding such as bent forward, moving the head, chest and back muscle, and so on. This means that during the scooter-riding you also train other body parts to move.

Strengthening the Body

Scooter riding is more than just a trend, it brings health benefit. Neither of your joints will be influenced by shocks and it works quite well for the skeletal muscle. Compared to riding a bicycle, you are not only using the lower body parts but also stretching the whole body. Many people finally realize that the activity, in general, helps in strengthening and toning the body.

Riding scooter is not only for kids; adults can also take the health benefits including fat burning, tone up muscle, challenge stability, and many more. However, the problem with the adult scooter is it can be quite confusing to find the best adult kick scooter. There are numerous types of adult kick scooter from various brands and various price ranges. Plus, if you want to take the most advantage of riding scooter, make sure that you do not obey the personal safety matter.

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