Top 4 Reasons to Use an Ice Cold Therapy Machine

Cold therapy is not breaking news in Canada. People have been jumping the bandwagon following the “freezing frenzy” for the past two years now; and for good reason.

The treatment called cryotherapy has fast become a go-to method for healing muscle soreness, sprains and strains by athletes in Canada. And there are many clinics specialized in providing cryotherapy treatments in Canada as well like Cryotherapytoronto.

Owner of another cryotherapy clinic in northeast Calgary Jaipaul Dhaliwal says that he is often visited by famous athletes and sports personalities for the treatment. He has treated the likes of retired basketball player Kobe Bryant, players from Calgary Flames, as well as other Olympians and professional fighters.

Quite evidently, cold therapy is one of the most preferred means of healing from strains and sprains for athletes.

However, people don’t always the time for an entire cryotherapy session. Besides, less severe strains and sprains don’t always need an entire cryotherapy treatment. That is where cold therapy machines surge in popularity. As a handy on-the-go cold treatment, cold therapy machines such as the ones offered by Ossur, are widely being used by the community of athletes.


Ice packs are also a common choice for cold application among people; however, they don’t always provide the most effective results.

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should use an ice cold therapy machine instead of ice packs.

Much more effective results

When you use a cold therapy machine, the applied therapeutic cold penetrates deeper and provides longer lasting effects than ice packs. A lot of people who normally use cold therapy machines say that they are able to return to their activities much faster after suffering a strain or sprain. They also say that they don’t need as much pain medication when using the machine and some of them also experienced better postoperative recovery with the machine.


Wider area coverage

Cold therapy machines come with wraps for application on several body parts. For the same reason, the cold is allowed to spread over the entire area of the wrap covering the injury. For example, a knee wrap or an elbow wrap covers the entire area of the arm or leg above and below the joint. This allows the cold to penetrate deeply and more effectively, as the damaged tissues can be reached from a wider angle. This is not possible with normal ice packs.


Benefits of active compression along with cold

Cold therapy machines provide the benefits of active compression as well along with the benefits of cold application. This is one of the main reasons why cold therapy machines work better than ice packs. The compression; experienced through pumping effects is similar to the natural muscle contractions of the body and it aids in the faster removal edema and lymphatic drainage near the injury. This clears the way for a faster recovery. Furthermore, compression also helps to improve blood flow to the injured area, which again accelerates the process of healing.


Adjustable cold temperature

Ice packs can sometimes damage the surface of the skin due to extreme temperatures. You cannot control the level of cold offered by ice packs. On the other hand, a cold therapy machine offers therapeutic temperature settings that apply consistent and effective cold on the injured area without any risk of further damage. In other words, they offer therapeutic cold benefits without risk, and hence make for a safer treatment than ice packs.

Cold therapy machines can thus be used for efficiently treating a wide range of issues including athletic injuries; which is one of the most common uses, surgery recovery, sprains, strains and also acute injuries. Adjustable wrap mechanisms are available for different areas of injury including the knees, wrists, shoulders, neck, back and groins. Sometimes cold therapy machines are recommended by doctors for amputation recovery as well.

Cold therapy machines work so well because the therapeutic cold operates and targets the injured area in a number of ways.

  • Firstly, the cold deadens and removes sensation from nerve endings of the injured area which effectively reduces pain. This is why most athletes and sports players often reduce their pain medication when taking cold therapy treatment.
  • Secondly, the cold slows down activity levels on a cellular level. When the metabolism is lowered, it helps prevent secondary tissue damage; which in turn allows the wound to heal faster.
  • Last but not least, cold therapy machines also help reduce swellings and eliminate the risk of developing muscle spasms.

Put together, cold therapy machines take a holistic approach towards healing the injury. For all the above mentioned reasons, the wound heals faster and the muscles recover in time for the next workout session or game. However, it requires consistent and regulated application of cold and this is possible only with the help of cold therapy machines.

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