Top 5 Manufacturers Of Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplements

The range of supplements out there in 2020 means that most Americans can probably benefit somewhat from the added vitamins, minerals, probiotics and more. Some dietary supplements can aid in managing health conditions, while some will improve your overall health and provide you with more energy, and the right supplement will provide you with your recommended daily intake of nutrients if you struggle to get them from your diet. With the growing range of supplements comes a huge number of companies willing to manufacture them for distribution to health companies. Like anything in life, there are those that try to take shortcuts to the top by cutting costs on ingredients and equipment, and there are those who live and breathe the business to provide the finest dietary supplements on sale.

How do we separate the great from the tragic? Essentially you need to look for the general marks of quality that any reputable business – your own included – should have. They have to be industry-compliant and registered, well-reviewed by previous partners or customers and praised by past and present employees. Of course they need to be well-maintained and ahead of the curve on innovation and quality control – it’s Business 101 to recognize those red flags. Read on to know which supplement manufacturers are right for you.

Sunfood Nutraceuticals – Private Label Design For Reasonable Prices

Sunfood is a brand for those who want their product to stand out on the shelves. They are heavily involved in the design and branding side of the dietary supplement industry and push this heavily as a unique selling point. While a lot of companies out there can provide a private label service Sunfood seems to take it to the next step with complete packaging and logo design. They are proud to say they provide for and support their customers and have grown in stature alongside them. Sunfood has full customization and a genuinely close working relationship going for it. They have an array of logos designed for their customers available to view on their website.

They have their own GMP and FDA certified laboratory where they can deconstruct existing products, and crack into their formulas to test for any issues or improvements they can make, including getting more nutrition from dietary supplements. They have worked their way up with their customers by being flexible and varied in their distribution. Any packaging request, color scheme, or informative label they can do for you. They are a Certified Organic manufacturer of dietary supplements and are experienced in creating, manufacturing, and delivering a formula in good time and for a low cost.

Bactolac Pharmaceutical – Certifications And Options Galore

Range and quality are the two takeaways from Bactolac’s ethos. They offer a full-service process from manufacturing to testing to packaging, as well as a full range of vitamins, herbs, and powders, and they even make sports supplements and pet products. They maintain board certification regularly and have the option of producing Kosher and Halal dietary supplements for their consumers. You can also customize color and flavor for the perfect blend of appeal and performance. They will provide dietary supplements in whatever form you prefer and their renowned customer support service can deal with any needs queries directly for a great source of contact.

Their state of the art Analytical and Microbiological Laboratories contain a wealth of equipment that this writer can only pretend to understand the functions of! Just some of their capabilities include testing for pathogens and mold detection along the production line, product testing before during and after manufacturing, electronic approvals and rejections and tests for hardness and protein content. For dietary supplements, the most efficient and safest products are assured by Bactolac. They have numerous certifications including cGMP, NSF, NDA and are certified under the NOP/USDA regulations. A fine number of third-party certification shows Bactolac is one of the most reliable manufacturers in the country.

Makers Nutrition – Convenience And Mass Inventory

A staggering amount of inventory is on hand for those at Makers Nutrition. They claim to stock over $10million of materials in their warehouse, which enables them to provide accurate and fast pricing to set you up, whether you are a veteran in the industry or a new starter looking for your first manufacturer. The materials on hand enable them to immediately get to work on your assignment so they can cut your delivery time from quote to shelf in half with no middle man to depend on to deliver them the inventory. Their combination of cross-trained, highly trained staff and state of the art equipment give them a superior operating time and general smoothness of production.

With a facility equipped with industrial air quality systems and two laboratories onsite to ensure regular quality testing Makers Nutrition has a high capacity in a focused area to produce, test, packing and distribute your order in quick order. Their efficiency and cost controls mean they are very competitive in the buyers market. Makers Nutrition has a four-week guarantee on any order placed being brought to market subject to FDA approval. Time is of the essence in business, and any chance to get ahead of the game is welcome, so this kind of timeframe offers up unparalleled levels of optimization.

USANA – International Operator And Full Health Package

A global manufacturer who operates in over 20 countries, USANA has built a reputation on face-to-face direct selling, which has taken the company to international levels and has seen them break ground in Asia. The company also sells nutritional food and skincare packages for self-care inside and out. Their teams of experts are consistently updating and tweaking their formulas to stay ahead of the quality curve as well as break new ground in the supplement game. They stock a good range of dietary supplements designed to keep energy levels up throughout the day without the need for excessive snacking to maintain body health.

Along with its product, USANA provides helpful and informative posts on its website to accompany the lifestyle it aims to sell. They have home workout tips and meal suggestions to complete a rounded holistic approach to health. This level of attention outside their basic product range shows that they make the extra effort to help customers stay on track with their dietary or overall health needs. The level of customer support is a big reason for USANA’s international success. Their commitment to the consumer and their affiliation with a number of athletes and sports teams prove their worth as a supplement provider.

Nutra Manufacturing – The Global Leader

Nutra has grown from its humble beginnings over four decades ago to become the leading global manufacturer of dietary supplements with close to one million square feet of operating land. They have maintained their quality standards and pride themselves on being the market leader in production excellence and exceeding FDA standards of quality. Not only do they have an Analytical Lab and a Microbiology Lab, but they also boast a full-time Methods Development Lab for constant optimization of the manufacturing process.

They have a real team value culture in retaining and empowering their employees to develop under them. They have committed to being a proactive, innovative company, with ambitions to consistently improve both their staff and their production methods. As a global leader in quality dietary supplements it is hard to argue with their results! You can see the vision set out in front of them over forty years ago remains at the core of the company’s values and commitment to staying at the top. They have space for manufacturing, housing, packaging and distributing thousands of formulations every year. Capsules, tablets, and soft gels are shipped worldwide – not a bad rise for a company that had 65,000 square feet of land in 1978!

All these brands represent the best the dietary supplement industry has to offer. Choosing one option depends mainly on what you prioritize in a company. All are quality tested, expertly manned, packed with hi-tech equipment and customer friendly to various degrees. In terms of what they offer there isn’t much separating one brand from the other. Your best bet is to go with the manufacturer that gives you the most natural feel. It’s a personal relationship; both sides need to be comfortable and at ease with each other for both to thrive.

Remember to balance your supplements with a varied and colorful diet for your optimal health. Dietary supplements are not a replacement for food. They are provided to enhance your intake of vitamins and minerals and to fill in any nutritional gaps left by your meals or medical conditions. These manufacturers also offer ranges in energy drinks and nutritional foods – or at least suggestions – so knowing how to best utilize your dietary supplements will go a long way to bettering yourself and your health. Putting your dietary supplements together with a trained dietician and personal trainer is the best way to see results. It’s helpful to know the benefits whether you use or distribute them to customers.

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