Top Myths About Brain Cancer That You Should Know


Brain tumors and cancer can be very deadly depending on the location and condition of a patient. The survival rate depends on different factors such as other ailments, demography, and condition of the patient. There are certain myths that people tend to follow and get misled all the time. This is what a neurosurgeon has to say about the myths mentioned below.

Myths Of Brain Cancer Debunked

Use Of Mobile Phones Can Cause Brain Cancer

Mobile phones are with us now for almost three decades. People often think that using mobile phones for a long period can cause brain tumors or cancer. There is no such supportive data that shows the low-level frequency used in smartphones causes brain tumors or cancer.

Aspartame Linked To Brain Cancer

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener used in different food products. It does not cause any brain damage. It is being used since the 1980s and there is no supportive report of any brain cancer from its prolonged exposure to any age.

Doctors Know Why

No! The doctors do not always know why there is an occurrence of a brain tumor or cancer. There are different kinds of glioblastomas that can occur randomly. Most of the time, the doctors have no answer to the reason for a tumor or cancerous growth inside a patient’s brain.

It Occurs Mainly In Adults And Is Quite Rare

Brain tumors can happen to anyone irrespective of age and gender. The American Brain Tumor Association depicts that it is the second most occurring cancer among children aged below 14 years.

Ketogenic Diet Is The Cure

As per the expert neurosurgeon in Max Healthcare, there is no such diet that can cure a brain tumor or cancer. A patient suffering from brain cancer will need carbohydrates to function properly.

Superfoods Preventing Cancer

The foods acting as a good source of antioxidants can prevent cancer is a myth. There is no data-based evidence that eating food rich with antioxidants will stop cancer from developing.

Cutting Down On Sugar Helps

The prime source of energy is sugar or carbohydrates. Cutting down carbohydrates will not help you eliminate tumors or stop cancer from growing.

Benign Tumors Are Nothing To Worry About

Benign tumors have different definitions in different portions of our bodies. When it occurs in the brain, it can be lethal. It can affect the proper functioning of the central nervous system and needs to be operated immediately. It can also become more dangerous if left untreated.

Tumor Removal Will Not Let It Grow Back

It is very hard to perform invasive surgery inside a patient’s brain. Unfortunately, a neurosurgeon is unable to locate the entire tumor inside a brain. It can grow back. This is why supportive treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy are prescribed.

No Hope For Brain Tumors Or Cancer

There are over 120 different kinds of brain tumors. Doctors have improved treatment procedures to increase the chances of success in brain tumors and cancer cases.

These myths should not be let into a patient’s mind. There is hope when it is diagnosed at a primary stage.

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