Top Reasons For Which You Develop Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is the ailment that is making the health organization really worried. The ailment is spreading like fire in the states of North America and that is not all, the same is now visible at almost every continent. This is not exactly a disease, as there are no viruses or bacteria or fungi involved in it. Rather it is an anomaly and that is often seen now in the age group of 20-45 in men. To be called according to the books of a doctor, this is a sexual disorder in men, but when you get through the process of the same you will find that there are no hormonal functions that are related to the ailment here. However, the good thing is that there is Cenforce 100 online at a cheap price to cure the ailment for you, but the bad thing is that there are many who avoid the treatment for different reasons. 

Top reasons for ED and the areas afflicted 

Coming to those facts later, the first important thing to note is the different reasons and areas that get affected and for which the ailment is seen in the men of your adult age. Considering that, here are some of the important areas and the reasons for which the men are getting afflicted on the ailment. 

Your mind irregularity 

The first surge of the process starts from your brain, as this is the first area where the mind conveys the message of the sexual urge to it at the initial stage. It is the brain who activates all other actions in your body to give you the erection. If the brain stops receiving the message from the mind either due to preoccupancy or due to negligence, then there is nothing that the Vidalista 60 online a cheap price can do. In such cases, you will need to go through some relaxation techniques as it is the stress and the wrong presumptions here that are restricting you from the erotic activities and therefore you are finding ED.  

Nervous system and its pressure

The second area that gets into action in your erection is the set of nerves, using which the brain sends the message of the sexual urge to the heart. The nervous system will be continuously putting the message to the heart for pumping more blood to the duct of the penis and hence if the anomaly is here, the erection will not occur. If the message is not continuously delivered then you will have the erection but will be unable to retain that till the end of the sexual process. This is the exact point where the Cenforce 100 online a cheap price will be working on you, but the fact is that if your nervous system is weak, then you will not be able to use the drugs in this case. The doctor will be the right person than to narrate the things that you must do in this condition. 

Fixing the heart condition 

The third case is the heart of yours. It is the organ that is going to pump vigorously and increase the flow of blood to the veins and make it erected. Hence, if the heart pumps are less you will have ED. If this is the effect of the nervous system and its delayed messaging, then the anomaly can be fixed with Vidalista 60 online at a cheap price, if your nervous system is in proper shape. If the anomaly is in the heart and it is not able to pump that much, although it receives the message, there can be two conditions. The first one is when your heart is strong enough, but not responding to the nervous system’s action. In such a case, the drugs can treat you well. In the second case, you will be having a weaker heart. If that is the case, say a big no to the meds and go for some natural means. 

Fixing the vein functions 

The fourth and the final cause and the most common one though in the process of erection are the anomaly at your penile veins. Due to impurity in blood, due to blockages of the glucose layer or fat layer and other things the veins are not able to support you in your activities. These all restrict the blood flow to the duct and hence you cannot achieve the hardness in your erection that you are looking for. This issue can be treated with other things but the Fildena 100 online a cheap price will be enhancing the heart function and will be maximizing the blood flow to the veins and hence the blockages will be washed out easily ad you will get the erection smoothly.   

The above-said things are the main areas of ED affliction. However, the drugs available are perfect for all conditions, but in case your nervous system or heart condition is not well put away from the meds. The meds can be venomous for you in those conditions.  

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