Vital Facts on Healthy Weight, Obesity and Overweight:

Overweight: As being 10 % more than above prescribed body weight. In the event that your prescribed or ordinary body weight is 70 kg and ıf your present weight is 78 kg it implies that you are overweight.

Heftiness: There are a few meanings of corpulence: 1-If your BMI is more than 30; 2-If your weight is more than 20 % than your ordinary weight; 3-If a woman`s muscle to fat ratio is more than 30 % and furthermore a man`s muscle versus fat is more than 25 %

Abdominal area Obesity: It is unnecessary fat stockpiling in the stomach district. It is seen principally in men.It is an indication of cardiovascular sickness and dibates.

Lower Body Obesity: It is exorbitant capacity of fat particularly in the bum, thighs and furthermore hips. It is seen fundamentally in ladies.

Wellbeing Risks related with Obesity;

1-Increasing dangers for:


Coronary illness


Gallbladder infection

Liver chrosis

Disease (particularly uterine and bosom malignancies)


Kidney infection

2-Increasing entanglements:

Back issues

Joint pain





Respiratory issues


Behavioral issues

Working issues

Despondency, sexual issues

Weight reduction Facts against Excessive Weight:

You can apply a protected weight – misfortune program to deal with your abundance weights to be ordinary weight;

Misfortune preferably your weight progressively 0.5 – 1 kg for each week.

Expend least 1200 kcal every day.

Take high calories from complex starches and low from fat

Point of confinement your fat admission. Get most extreme 10 percet of calories from fat sources. Point of confinement unsaturated fat admission.

Utmost salt

Utmost greasy meat. Devour poultry, angle, vegetables and so forth.

Eat a wide range of nourishments suchs as organic products, vegetables, fibered bread, low – fat or fat – free drain (3 containers for every day). Pivot these sustenances in each 4 days against shrouded nourishment hypersensitivities.

Increment your body exercise and make every day consistent physical movement no less than one hour for each day or tree hours every week. You can make direct force action, for example, strolling 5-6.5 km for each hour. Uncourage you to be all the more physically dynamic at each coming days.

Change your propensities and practices

Apply good dieting and solid physical movement design in your life or apply Healthy Active idea.

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