What is a Mushroom Grow Bin?

A mushroom growing bin is a pre-colonized fruiting block that has been put into conditions that don’t let mushrooms grow until you want it. All you need to do is to give them preferable conditions. Hence, you can grow mushrooms anytime you want after buying the bin. You can have a mycelium mushroom grow bin, which can sit dormant for quite some time, especially if you keep it in the fridge. You can also buy mushroom grow bins for various mushrooms, although some species make it better as bins than others. One common type of such mushroom is Pleurotus ostracism – the regular ol’ “oyster mushroom”. 

Oyster mushrooms are resilient to contamination, they fruit relentlessly, and they can grow on a whole whack of different substrates. They are also tenacious and that’s what   makes them an excellent choice for a bin. This promotes their chances of success and makes them most optimal for the bins. 

Most grow bins only need a few simple steps and minimal maintenance. Although the success chances and potential harvesting size increases significantly if the mushroom block you prepare and place within the binsin ideal conditions.

What are the Types of Mushroom Grow Bin? 

There are various types of mushroom grow bin available; these are:

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B+ Mushrooms

Growing these types of mushrooms is exceptional; they can be 30 cm tall. Another reason is that they give a much smaller chance to be nauseous at the start of the trip.

Growing the B+ mushrooms is also simple. It is close to impossible to go wrong with these mushrooms; for this reason, it is a well-suited mushroom for just beginners.

This mushroom trip is less visual than other magic mushrooms, but it makes you very euphoric. Cheerfulness and positivity are at the heart of the B+ magic mushrooms.

Mexican Mushrooms 

In the Netherlands, these mushrooms are most famous.

These mushrooms are also suitable for novice mushroom users. You will experience a trip full of energy and happiness.

Various people walk around for hours after consuming the Mexican mushrooms with a big and beautiful smile on their face.

Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms

The perfect mushroom to begin with as the magic world of mushrooms is entirely new to you. This mushroom type is easy to grow. They are also an excellent choice for gardening for the first time.

It has gold-coloured hats, and therefore the name came by. 

Mazatapec Magic Mushrooms

It is also popular with the abbreviation Maz. It is a Mexican mushroom. The mushroom was discovered near Mazatapec. These mushrooms grow easily.

The difference between these mushrooms and others is that their hats are partially closed.


Choosing the right mushroom for a grow bin is highly important as every mushroom tastes and feels different. You can grow mushrooms at different levels. You can buy traces and increase the mushrooms from there. With the help of mushroom grow bins, you can quickly grow it. You can also connect to maxyield grain bids to buy mushroom grow bin and enjoy its benefits.

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