What Is the Best CME Course for Pharmacists?

What Is the Best CME Course for Pharmacists?

As a diligent pharmacist, you should keep yourself updated with the current trends in your field and changing pharmacy laws. Earning CE credits is mandatory to renew your work licensure, essential to continue your practice.

One of the effective ways to earn CE credits is by attending online CME courses, certified by professional bodies such as the ACPE. You should choose the best CME course, to gain credible hours of CE credits and concurrently, sufficient knowledge to deal with patients, effectively. Let us see some of the prominent features of an excellent CME course, available online for pharmacists. 

ACPE Accreditation 

ACPE makes sure the course providers offer CME courses of high standards, aiding in advancements in the field of pharmacy. The board sets a base for uniform acceptance of CE credits, all over the country. It regularly reviews the programs, shares valuable feedback, instigating continuous improvement. A practical online CME course will adhere to the board’s regulations.

The course providers mention details regarding ACPE accreditation on their websites. Ensure to check if the certification of the program is for pharmacists or technicians. 

Course Content Suitable for the Audience’s Professional Interests

The course providers offer CME programs, online, with an orientation suitable for various categories of target audiences. For instance, if you deal with patients who have dyslipidemia, you will be interested in attending a CME course in this same domain. Such programs have clear course objectives, including treatment approaches recommended in the 2018 ACC-AHA cholesterol guideline for dyslipidemia patients.

Evidence-Based CME Programs

Some of the course objectives of an effective CME program include the latest practice recommendations, approved by qualified factual sources.

For instance, a CME course on lipid-lowering therapy will focus on identifying the patient populations benefiting from statin therapy, based on the results of clinical trials. Also, they invest time in interpreting results from studies evaluating lipid-lowering drug therapies, including omega-3 fatty acids and non-statin medications used to lower LDL-C.

Access to Top-Notch Medical Experts

The best CME programs give access to clinical faculty from reputed medical and pharmacy schools across the country.

For instance, if it is a CME course based on new drug updates, the brilliant faculty will share their expertise on the latest FDA drug communications. Moreover, they do not limit the course content to new dosage forms, offering you access to tap all possible knowledge.

Some of the faculty members, conducting these online CME courses, have over 30 years of teaching experience. Moreover, a few are members of Rho Chi, a pharmacy honor society, while some serve on the Board of Directors of reputed Pharmacists Associations.

Aid in Earning Required CE Credits

These CME programs mirror the live conferences, offering the same supplementary materials to pharmacists attending the online sessions. After viewing all the segments, you need to take a quiz to complete the final assessment. 

These self-study courses offer CE at your convenient time, letting you earn up to 10 hours of credit anywhere and anytime.

To summarize, select a reputed course provider and go through all the related CME programs they offer, online. Based on the factors mentioned above, choose the most effective course to be relevant to the current updates in the field of pharmacy. 


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